3 Days In Florence – A 72 Hours Exclusive-Crafted Itinerary

Imagine embarking on a journey to the enchanting city of Florence, renowned as the birthplace of the Renaissance and the very heart of Italian architecture. 

As you stroll through its historic streets, you’ll quickly realize that Florence is no ordinary destination; it’s akin to stepping into an open-air museum, where history and art seamlessly intertwine. The very air resonates with the magic of this cultural epicenter, making every corner you turn a discovery of the extraordinary. While some argue that aimless wandering through its ancient streets is enough, we believe there’s an even more captivating way to experience it. 

Are you contemplating the ideal duration for your Florence adventure, asking yourself, “How many days in Florence will create a truly memorable experience?” 

Look no further. 

Welcome to our expertly crafted guide on how to make the most of your 3 days in Florence with an exclusive 72-hour Florence itinerary designed to ensure you savor every moment in this remarkable city at its absolute finest!


Discover Hidden Luxuries of Italy

Dive into our curated collection of Italy's most luxurious, hidden treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, explore what others don't know.

#Day 1: Friday

Welcome to the start of your extraordinary adventure in Florence, the cradle of Renaissance art and culture. As you begin your exploration of this enchanting city, prepare to be immersed in a world where history, art, and exquisite cuisine blend seamlessly into an opulent tapestry of experiences.

1pm: Lunch at Santo Spirito

The best way to start your weekend is by throwing yourself into the center of its charm. 

Embark on your unforgettable journey through Florence with a leisurely lunch at Santo Spirito. This is where your enchanting Florence itinerary truly begins, setting the stage for an extraordinary Italy trip filled with moments of indulgence and cultural immersion.

Santo Spirito square, adorned by the magnificent sandstone Basilica sharing its name, beckons you into the heart of Florence’s charm. When you settle into one of the charming restaurants lining the square, you’ll find yourself enveloped in the city’s timeless ambiance. While savoring delectable cuisine, sip on a glass of chilled white wine, allowing the flavors to mingle with the rich history that surrounds you.

Should the scene capture your heart, make a note to return on Sunday, when the square transforms into a vibrant neighborhood market, brimming with local treasures. This is the essence of luxury travel in Italy — seamlessly blending culinary delights with cultural experiences, creating memories that linger long after your visit to Florence.

3pm: Book a private tour of the Accademia to see Michelangelo’s David

Escape the bustling crowds and embark on an Italian luxury experience that transcends ordinary tourism. Our exclusive Florence tour offers an intimate encounter with the heart-stoppingly beautiful statue of David by Michelangelo. No longer will you need to jostle for a glimpse; we’ve reserved a private tour just for you.

As the golden afternoon sun bathes Florence in a warm glow, our expert guide will unveil the captivating history behind this world-renowned masterpiece. You’ll not only witness the exquisite craftsmanship up close but also gain profound insights into the artistic genius of Michelangelo. This personalized encounter with David promises to be a highlight of your 3-day Florence sojourn, an experience that elevates your journey beyond the ordinary.

Don’t settle for the ordinary; indulge in a truly exceptional Florence tour that transforms your visit into an unforgettable Italian luxury experience.

5pm: Watch the sunset from B-roof at Hotel Baglioni

When the day winds down, elevate your Italy vacation into a luxurious experience with a visit to B-roof at Hotel Baglioni. 

At 5 pm, this exquisite location provides the perfect setting to witness the breathtaking Florence sunset. Indulge in cocktails under a captivating canopy of blooming flowers as you marvel at the changing hues that paint the city’s skyline. 

This enchanting moment, thoughtfully included in your Florence itinerary, promises to be the highlight of your luxury experience in this captivating Italian city.

7pm: Dinner at Gucci Osteria by Massimo Bottura

As you reach the end of the first of your 3 days in Florence, an extraordinary culinary experience awaits at 7 pm: Dinner at Gucci Osteria by Massimo Bottura. Nestled within the enchanting Gucci Garden of the Palazzo della Mercanzia, this dining establishment promises a night of gastronomic delight that will linger in your memory. 

At Luxo Italia, we strongly recommend arriving with a hearty appetite, as Massimo Bottura’s culinary creations are nothing short of a masterpiece, ensuring that you savor Florence not only through its art and history but also through its exquisite flavors.

Day #2: Saturday

Now that we start the second of 3 days in Florence, prepare for a day filled with opulent experiences that epitomize luxury travel in Italy.

9am: Sip an espresso in front of the Florence Duomo

Begin your day with a touch of sophistication by sipping an exquisite espresso in front of the Florence Duomo. The soft morning light casting its enchanting glow on the terracotta dome is a sight to behold. This moment sets the perfect tone for what lies ahead, as you soak in the grandeur of the magnificent cathedral.

Should you dare to ascend its heights, a breathtaking vista of the city awaits atop the 463 steps — a view that will undoubtedly leave you breathless in awe.

11am: Take a tour of Uffizi Gallery and gaze upon Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’

At 11 am, embark on a transformative journey through the Uffizi Gallery, an integral part of your meticulously curated Florence Itinerary for an unparalleled luxury tip during your Italy experience.

Here, you’ll stand in awe before the masterpiece ‘The Birth of Venus’ by Botticelli. This artistic gem is renowned worldwide for its ethereal beauty and cultural significance. To fully immerse yourself in this artistic marvel, we recommend scheduling your visit earlier in the day to escape the bustling crowds and relish the serene ambiance. 

As you gaze upon this timeless masterpiece, you’ll understand why the Uffizi Gallery remains a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike during their stay in Florence.


Discover Hidden Luxuries of Italy

Dive into our curated collection of Italy's most luxurious, hidden treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, explore what others don't know.

1pm: Treat yourself to a scrumptious lunch at Bucalapi Restaurant

At 1 pm, elevate your Florence luxury travel experience by indulging in a scrumptious lunch at the esteemed Bucalapi Restaurant

It’s akin to choosing a favorite child; each dining establishment here is unique in its own captivating way. Having explored this enchanting city on countless adventures, we’ve unearthed several culinary gems, but one that consistently stands out is the illustrious Bucalapi restaurant. 

With its old-world charm and a menu that promises sensational flavors, Bucalapi has earned its place as a top contender. Prepare for a culinary journey that harmonizes tradition and innovation, leaving your taste buds and senses thoroughly delighted. 

Your Florence adventure just reached new heights of culinary excellence.

4pm: Take a walk and watch the sunset from the Piazzale Michelangelo

At 4 pm, prepare for a captivating part of your Florence trip as you embark on a leisurely walk to the Piazzale Michelangelo. Situated a short distance from the bustling city center, this elevated square offers a postcard-perfect panoramic view of Florence that epitomizes the essence of luxury Italy vacations.

This iconic square is renowned for its awe-inspiring vistas, where the city’s architectural wonders come to life in the soft hues of the setting sun. As you approach, you’ll often encounter rows of easels set up by artists, seeking to capture the city’s incredible skyline with their brushes and palettes. 

It’s a moment when art, nature, and the allure of Florence seamlessly merge, creating a truly enchanting experience during your stay.

7pm: Find the best aperitif in Florence

While the golden sun begins to dip below the horizon, signaling the end of the second day of your 3-day luxury vacation in Italy exploring Florence, it’s time to embark on a delightful evening adventure. At 7 pm, set out on a quest to find the most exquisite aperitif experience in this enchanting city. Florence is renowned not only for its rich cultural heritage but also for its exceptional cuisine, and the tradition of aperitif is a cherished gem in its culinary crown.

Here in Florence, we take the art of aperitif seriously, and we’re thrilled to share our insider knowledge with you. Our curated list of off-the-beaten-track establishments beckons, promising to immerse you in authentic Italian flavors and pair them with the finest regional wines. These hidden gems ensure that your luxury vacation in Italy reaches its culinary zenith, leaving your taste buds and senses thoroughly satisfied.

Ready to elevate your Florence experience to the next level? Contact Luxo Italia today, and let us craft a bespoke journey that immerses you in the heart and soul of this enchanting city. Your exclusive Florence itinerary awaits, and we’re here to make it truly exceptional.

Day #3: Sunday

As your 3-day Florence adventure nears its end, we’ve saved some of the most enchanting experiences for your final day in this captivating city. On this Sunday morning, we invite you to embrace the essence of Florence in a way that few get to experience. 

Rise early, just like the Italians do, and join us on a journey to unlock the secrets of this remarkable city.

11am: Beat the crowds to Ponte Vecchio and watch the morning light hit the river

If you’re an early riser, remember that at 11 am a unique opportunity awaits you on your luxury vacation in Italy – a chance to embrace the magic of Florence as it awakens. To truly savor your trip and travel experience, channel your inner Italian by becoming an early riser. Start your day with a leisurely stroll to the nearest charming corner cafe, where you can indulge in a fragrant espresso on the picturesque pavement. While you sip your coffee, allow yourself to be captivated by the enchanting scene unfolding before you.

The morning light bathes the iconic Ponte Vecchio in a soft, golden glow, casting a spell over the Arno River. Witness the city coming to life as vendors meticulously set up their markets, each day an opportunity to share their unique wares with locals and travelers alike. This is a moment of tranquility and serenity before the bustling rhythm of Florence’s vibrant day begins, a precious memory to cherish on your luxurious Italian journey.

1pm: Learn a new skill on a pasta making course

At 1 pm, embark on a unique culinary journey during your luxury travel experience in Florence with a pasta-making course. In this enchanting city, where art and gastronomy blend seamlessly, you’ll discover that art takes on various forms, including the delicate craft of pasta making. Join real-life masters of this age-old tradition, and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Italian cuisine.

As you knead, roll, and shape pasta dough, you’ll not only learn the secrets behind crafting perfect pasta but also gain insight into the profound cultural significance of this culinary art. The culmination of your efforts will be a mouthwatering Italian feast, savored in true Italian style—a rewarding and delectable experience that encapsulates the essence of Florence.

This culinary adventure is the ideal way to conclude your weekend in Florence, ensuring you carry a piece of its magic with you as you savor every delectable bite. Join us on this delectable journey as part of your Florence Itinerary, and let the flavors of Italy become a cherished memory of your luxury travel experience.


In these unforgettable 3 Days in Florence, you’ve embarked on an artistic pilgrimage through the birthplace of the Renaissance, thanks to our carefully curated 72-hour Florence itinerary. Florence’s charm and allure have unfolded before you, a true testament to luxury travel in Italy. 

Now, it’s time to transform this dream into your reality. Reach out to Luxo Italia, and let us weave a bespoke Florence experience just for you. Your next long weekend in Florence awaits, and we’re here to make it truly exceptional. 

If you are still wondering how many days in Florence are ideal for a bespoke journey, wonder no more. Contact us today to start crafting your unforgettable journey!