A Day in Venice – Make Every Single Moment Count

A reflection of the rich, embroidered artwork of the luxurious, Venice presents a downplayed equilibrium of objective and way of life, circumspectly worked with by the individual’s perspective of life.

Say hello to extravaganza and limitless elegance as you read into the nitty gritty of where and how you must live while spending a day in Venice:

It’s St. Regis in Venice

Dinner time near the water in the St. Regis in Venice

Among the most open and exquisitely delegated extravagance facilities in Venice, every one of the 130 guestrooms and 39 set-ups of The St. Regis Venice praises the advanced soul of the city and the vivid hug of its water and light plays.

Loosen up in every convenience’s private feel of custom plan goods and arranged works of art as you partake in probably the most remarkable perspectives that have motivated numerous a distinguished guest to the city.

Revelling visitors all through their visit is the expectant help of our St. Regis Butlers, a loved sign of our five star lodging.

AND the Terrace Gran Canal View Room

A contemporary room design in a luxury hotel in Grand Canal Venice.

Havens of current style, Luxurious Grand Canal View rooms perfectly mix address, plan, and solace to make an interesting private encounter for the illuminating presence of today.

The biggest of all visitor rooms, these sought after facilities entertain quintessential perspectives on Venice’s notable Grand Canal and landmarks, with the view from certain rooms preluding enroute over the fancy Italianate garden. A few rooms highlight a private Juliette gallery on which to watch out over the city’s immortal building excellence.

Calm and enticing with delicate fleece covering, the insides charm to the sunset ranges liked by Monet for his Venetian magnum opuses. Hand craft decorations supplement contemporary subtleties propelled by Venice’s legacy and culture, giving unpretentious ideas to the city’s rich creative layering and an always present boost to the creative mind of guests.

Whenever wanted, a couple of rooms offer the chance of interconnecting with one another, with a Grand Deluxe room, or with a Grand Canal View Suite to frame a 2-room loft.

AND A Private Tour

A boat parked in front of colorful houses in Grand Canal Venice.

The private tour of the Burano and Murano islands by private vintage boat are the best things you get in the package.

Venice is encircled by a wide range of islands, among these are Murano, Burano and Torcello, which are additionally one of the most visited spots in the whole tidal pond.

To truly get a knowledge into the existence pace that varies in every one of them and to partake in the greatest time, we can offer you an ideal choice: private boat ride and visit to these nearby islands. To all the more likely comprehend the Venetian culture, you will be welcome to visit Murano island that since the time from one side of the planet to the other is known for its glass creation – worth-seeing authority of blowing and molding the glass, that has a long history as the actual city.

Murano, you will have a chance to see local people chipping away at other conventional specialties. Assuming you extravagant getting something for yourself, or bringing back home a few trinkets, this will be the best opportunity to do it on the spot.

The following stop will be the island of Burano, apparent from a far distance due to its structures painted in splendid and distinctive varieties. Here you will have an opportunity to meander around, meet a few local people, partake in some espresso and make a few noteworthy pictures.

A lunch at the trattoria Gatto Nero can be your best bet when you visit Burano for more reasons than one. This family owned business serves you the best of the local cuisine in the perfect cosy ambience.

At last, move your way back to Venice by a water taxi.

AND Overnight at the Palace of Dreams

Tourists visit one of the landmarks in Venice, the Doge's Palace.

This castle is generally quite possibly the main structures in Venice, where the most honourable Venetian used to be going to fancy balls, and partaking in the existence of extravagance in their suits, covered with shiny materials, great artistic creations and frescoes.

These days it turned into a store inn and a fascination for those, who need to encounter a snapshot of the Venetian honourability life.

This is a remarkable opportunity to spend the most heartfelt and invigorating time while partaking in the perspectives, a glass of wine and unique supper just for yourself as well as your accomplice or companions.

You will be met at the lodging at 19:30h and taken to a mysterious area from where your evening will begin.

A break from city life

The scene’s warm, practically homegrown feel is supplemented by capably and imaginatively chose works of art. Dazzle your accomplice or your companions with supper in one of the most excellent settings on the planet.

The eatery’s heartfelt, friendly climate goes with it the ideal decision for a close-set supper, a commemoration or any of the significant occasions for a couple, or interesting bursts of winding away from the buzzing about of the city.


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AND Candlelight Dinner

The eatery completes itself in an exquisite style and elements an intricate menu with a wide scope of claims to fame. The indoor feasting regions and excellent patio, ideal for a private, candlelight supper, structure the ideal background to the café’s customary dishes. This will be the best way to put an end to your exquisite experiences at Venice.