Luxury Gourmet Tour in Italy – An Unmatched Culinary Journey

There’s no better way to immerse oneself in the epitome of luxurious travel and unparalleled fine Italian gourmet cuisine than an 8-day Luxury Gourmet Tour in Italy.  It’s an unforgettable journey that begins in northern Italy’s famed vineyards and signature classic dishes, then culminates in southern Italy’s prestigious Palazzo Alvino. This gastronomic odyssey will take you on a private tour into some of the most exquisite gourmet destinations. 

Take a moment to sit back with a nice glass of  Barbaresco wine, put on la Traviata, and read on about the endless extravagance that awaits you.

For the Langhe Wine Tour the best restaurant is:

La Ciau del Tornavento – Treiso in the Langhe, the most reknown wine cellar in Piedmont

A group of people harvest fresh herbs and vegetables on their farm.

Within the La Ciau del Tornavento,  lies the heart and soul of the Langhe region.  Inspired by the vineyards that produce the finest of Barolo and Barbaresco wines, highly sought after white truffles, and local  bounty of ingredients, the La Ciau del Tornavento is one of the Langhe region’s most highly prized restaurants. The menu boasts an outstanding selection of the finest hand-made classic Piemontese dishes that are steeped in tradition. However, La Ciau Del Tornavento’s main pride and joy is its wine cellar that stores an unfathomable 60,000 bottles of expertly curated fine wine with over 1,500 labels from all corners of the world.   Upon entering this stunning restaurant guests are greeted in royal style by impressive columns and soaring  wooden ceilings with tableside views overlooking an enchanting garden. An atmosphere of graceful elegance adds even more to the restaurant’s seemingly never-ending culinary delights.

Luxury Gourmet Experience touching the Sky:

AlpiNN at South Tyroll

The AlpiNN at South Tyrol with a panoramic view of the Alps and the Dolomites.

The AlpiNN at South Tyroll kisses the sky from its majestic mountain perch and it’s epicurean cuisine is the nearest thing to heaven.  From this restaurant’s unique vantage point is an arresting 180 degree panoramic view of the Alps and the Dolomites. The cable car ride from Riccione offers yet another opportunity to take in this wonderful landscape. One need only look at sleek architectural lines that articulate AlpiNN’s philosophy to know this chic restaurant is a clear statement in perfection. A  deep yet simple truth is rooted in this restaurant’s uncompromising belief that a Land to Table approach is the secret to creating the most superb gourmet cuisine. Few restaurants can match the AlpiNN’s cultivated brand of style and character.  Its distinctive dishes are a combination of traditional mountain classics and contemporary styles of cooking.  Each one of the restaurant’s unique signature creations are made with ingredients sourced from the mountains and local farms. From delectable Beet Root Gnocchi to marvelous Barbecue South Tyrolian Rye Eye Streak,  the AlpiNN’s unique philosophy is undeniably evident in everything this restaurant creates.

Gourmet Experience in Amalfi Coast:

La Terrazza di Lucullo – Capri at Hotel Caesar Augustus

Dining on a terrace overlooking the deep blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea in La Terrezza di Lucullo.

The one-of-kind La Terrezza di Lucullo at Hotel Caesar Augustus redefines the meaning of exceptional elegance.  It’s Capri’s answer to those in search of the ultimate gastronomic cuisine in a unforgettable setting.  Relish in the delight of kind La Terrezza di Lucullo delectable Mediterranean gourmet dishes while dining on a terrace that overlooks shimmering deep blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.  This distinctive restaurant uses its own fruits and vegetable grown on kitchen’s cliff top.  The menu features freshly caught fish and seafood that been delivered directly to the restaurant.  With such an indescribable bounty from the sea, it stands to reason for a focus on creative fish and seafood gourmet Mediterranean influence cuisine.   La Terrezza di Lucullo also offers exquisite non-fish dishes inspired by traditions from the Langhe.

The palatial Hotel Caesar Augustus sits high a top on one of Capri’s most rugged cliffs with incredible views of the surrounding sea and mountains. There are 6 distinctly different imperial suites, where you can feel like you’re on top of the world and in the lap of luxury.  Adorned with beautiful Italian décor the hotel has a palpable feeling that whispers “villa” into your ear.  Radiating with style, these suites are the definition of excellence. The combined eloquence of La kind La Terrezza di Lucullo restaurant  and Hotel Caesar Augustus is the true perfection of regal style and elegant grace. 


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Torre del Sarracino – Vico Equense

A contemporary cuisine with views of an impressive seascape in Torre del Sarracino

Inside an ancient 1,300 year old watchtower  in Vico Equense  lies a most surprising culinary encounter with a restaurant called Torre del Sarracino.  Creativity, imagination, and innovation take shape in the form of a truly remarkable restaurant and gourmet cuisine experience,  Torre del Serracino is  an awe-inspiring combination of ancient stone, contemporary elegance, and exquisite cuisine that can only come from a relentless pursuit of excellence.  Also a subject of fascination is Torre del Sarracino’s  wine cellar which was painstakingly created beneath the restaurant from watchtower’s original foundation.  This unique and cavernous wine cellar is home to a most classic and eclectic collection of fine Italian wines with particular attention given to the white wines from Veneto and Alto Adige.  Torre del Sarracino’s optimal location by the sea offers an opportunity to create spectacular dishes inspired by Mediterranean cuisine. 

 With floor ceiling windows of this stylish restaurant allows diners to revel in the sweeping views of an impressive seascape.  Torre del Sarracino is an truly amazing combination of cutting edge contemporary cuisine  and the mystique of ancient watchtower stones.

Palazzo Avino – Ravello

A nighttime restaurant with a view of the Mediterranean Sea in Palazzo Avino

The regal atmosphere of the 5 star Palazzo Avino Hotel and highly ranked  Rosselinis restaurant’s incredible cuisine are what make Palazzo Avino’s reputation one of prestigious splendor.  A recipient of international praise, the absolutely divine style and stellar gourmet cuisine of Rossellinis  make an indelible impression on all who dine there.   Created with an epicurean passion for fine cuisine, this restaurant’s mastery of exceptional gourmet dishes are considered a form of art.  Marvelous dinner choices from a menu of exquisite entrees are perfectly paired with selection from a carefully curated collection of regional fine wines. Palazzo Alvino’s 12th century aristocratic air can still be felt in the elegance of its 10 lavishly appointed suites and 30 luxurious rooms accompanied by  views that gaze out across the Mediterranean sea. There’s also a glorious wellness center containing a spa fit for a royals, gym beneath white gazebos, an impressive outdoor swimming pool, and a rooftop solarium with an infinity pool.   Few gourmet destinations have Palazzo Alvino’z high level of style and sophistication.

Relais Blue in Massa – Lubrensi

Experience unique dining in The Relais Blue in Mass with a view of the blue sea and mountains.

Enveloped in a lush Mediterranean garden, olive groves, and the scent of nearby coastal pine, is the world renown Relais Blue in Massa.  The dining experience at Relais Blue in Massa’s chic and celebrated restaurant elevates fine cuisine to a new level of gourmet mastery.  Here you can venture into the land of rare and imaginative culinary creations such as Flying Squid Ragu, Maruzze pasta filled with rabbit, onions, and carrot sauce, and duck breast glazed with honey and Jerusalem artichokes. And, of course, the restaurant’s finely curated wine cellar will have the perfect bottle of wine to pair with your sumptuous dinner.   At  Relais Blue in Massa 4 star boutique hotel you can bask in a style and sophistication that’s bathed in striking white Mediterranean elegance.  Or take in the incredible views from where you can watch unforgettable sunsets. Stunning colors emerge as the sun sinks into the sea to weave a breathtaking tapestry of every hue. A full sensory experience, this stellar boutique hotel’s infinity pool has a tranquil beauty that’s all its own.


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