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Italy is an incredible place for a luxury vacation. It is the home to delicious cuisines and majestic medieval structures. It is the epicenter of the historical Renaissance. Great artists like Michelangelo and Da Vinci were born here. It is a country with rich food, culture, and architecture. It is almost like a virtual capital of the world for romance and luxury. Italy has pristine music and art. There are art galleries and amphitheaters which are famous in the whole world. There are intense landscapes worth marveling at. You can take a walk by vintage houses in European architecture along the streets. You can take a Gondola on beautiful canals. The street food, as well as fine dining, is excellent. Every region has its specialties. Italy is hence heaven for tourists. There are many spots to visit in the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Sicily, Rome, Florence, and Venice. Go here with a tour guide for luxury vacations in Italy. They can plan the trip as per inspiration. Now I will help you understand this part. I will give you an idea about luxury vacations in Italy. I will get you inspired and give you a clear idea of the places you should go to. So read on.

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Tours for luxury vacations in Italy are a popular option today. The culture of this country is enormous. It will take a lifetime to know everything. Locals have a very good grasp of this. Tours for luxury vacations in Italy have a lot of locals. The best ones have local guides. Since it is a foreign land, the travel needs to be well planned. You need to plan for language barriers. Without fail, you need to find out all the tourism rules and regulations in the new country. Packages for luxury vacations in Italy solve these issues. Such packages should be customizable. You will visit different types of places.

You can go for wine-tasting. Are you wondering where you will find such tours and packages? You are not far. I will introduce you to one such tour called Luxo Italia. After that, I will tell you all about the different places you can go on your luxury vacations in Italy. Get an idea and choose the right tour and package for you. Luxo Italia is a fresh vacation planner straight out of Italy. Paul and Andrea from Luxo Italia organize all your plans. They are both from an Italian family. They advise luxury vacations in Italy. They take care of everything involved like hotel bookings, transportation, and bookings. There is no extra headache. You do not need to drag your suitcase all around by yourself. You can have a refreshing vacation. A bunch of young and passionate people manages Luxo Italia. They have great customer support. They already have a 4.7 rating on Google. Several customers keep coming back. Today a luxury vacation in Italy run by Italian folks is a rare find. Get in touch with more locals through them. So you discover off-beat places and skip the crowd.

Where to go on your luxury vacation in Italy?


If there’s any place you should visit, it is the incredible Florence. Get your linens out cause the weather is quite humid here. So Florence is a favorite of tourists. It is home to the best wine and cuisines in Italy. It lies in the region of Tuscany. Hence the Tuscanian wine culture spills over the entire place. The street food is great. The fine dining is also a great experience. You can also head to Chianti which is very close to this place. Wine tours are the most popular over there. After a day of good, you can go to Boboli Gardens. Get some fresh air and start exploring. Florence also hoards several majestic monuments. It is called the ‘cradle of Renaissance’. It was the birthplace of the great movement. You will thus find beautiful pieces of architecture belonging to that era. Luxury vacations in Italy can take you to several World Heritage Sites here, for example, the Historic Centre of Florence. A significant place to visit is San Lorenzo. The great Michelangelo is the mastermind behind this structure. Other things to see are the Fountain of Neptune and the Palazzo Pitti Palace.

Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast lies in Southern Italy. It is a stunning part of Italy. There is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Behold the breathtaking views through a luxury vacation in Italy. The climate here is Mediterranian. The coast has magnificent cliffs along the cerulean waters. Explore and hike around here. Discover waterfalls and medieval remains on your path. Go to the beaches like Fiordo di Furore. Also, see other rocky beaches like Arienzo. When you visit the Amalfi Coast, try their limoncello liquor and anchovies dishes.

The fancy city Positano is also close by. So, hike to it. You will find cafes, restaurants, shopping spots, and pleasant nightlife. End your day at the Mariane Grand Beach here.


The principal port city of Italy is Naples. It is worth including this place in your luxury vacation in Italy. It is a picturesque place bustling with cheer. The Lungomare beach promenade is worth going to. Witness the stunning coast with a view of Vesuvius. Visit the Castel Ovo close to this. Go to Cappella Sansevero chapel. You will find sculptures and exhibits. Visit the Museo Archeologico Nazionale. Go through their unique array of antiques. Castle Nuovo is also famous here. It is where ancient Kings and Viceroys lived. Galleria Umberto is a shopping place here. San Martino Monastery and Museum is a major attraction. A peculiar place to explore is the Bourbon Tunnel. It is an underground passage. It is an incomplete tunnel. There are relics and debris. It will be a super cool activity to include in your plan.


Sicily is the volcanic area of Italy. You will find volcanos including the famous Mount Etna. Luxury vacations in Italy can take you to different attractions here. Find palaces, castles, and museums. There is a Greek Theatre in Taormina. Ragusa Ibla has churches and palaces. Scala Dei Turchi here is a beach. Activities like canoeing and body rafting are popular here. Go for activities like mud therapy and thermal baths. For trekking, you will find the trails in the Aeolian Islands. It is a super cool activity for any trekking enthusiast. Sicilian cannolo and caponata are popular food here. Sardines and anchovies are delicious native food.


Rome is called the Eternal City. It is currently the capital of Italy. It is so popular among tourists that it is the third-most visited city in Europe. Your luxury vacation in Italy should include Rome. Rome has archeological wonders of the Roman Empire. The Pope, of the Roman Catholic Church, lives here. There are several Vatican Museums. They are worth the visit. You cannot miss the Colosseum, the largest Amphitheatre in the world. It is at the heart of what was ancient Rome. The New Seven Wonders of the World include the Colosseum. Piazza Navona and Trevi Fountain are other places to see. Visit one of the biggest churches in the world, St. Peter’s Basilica. Visit the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Square. These are the heart of Rome, in Vatican City. Rome also has good food places. Taste the Roman Pasta. Try the centuries-old recipe of Grattachecca.


Venice is a collection of over a hundred little islands. These are separated by canals and connected by bridges. Venice lies to the northeast of this country. Gondola rides are a bucket-list activity here. It is an extremely romantic place to be visited on a luxury vacation in Italy. Venice is a beauty in itself. Every year millions arrive here. It is a favorite of tourists. St. Mark Basilica is a big attraction here. Others include Doge’s Palace and Piazza San Marco. For a Gondola ride, you can go to the Grand Canal. Hop into elegant Venetian cafes and charming memento shops. Attend musical concerts at the Teatro La Fenice. You can also take part in the famous Venice Film Festival if you arrive in its season. Venice has very few motor vehicles. Cover this dreamy place by foot or boat.

Best luxury vacations in Italy: summary

Visit these top six places on your luxury vacation in Italy. They are all one-of-a-kind. The best plan would be to cover all of them. Depending upon the time you have, you can decide. If you are a nature lover, do not miss the Amalfi Coast and Sicily. If you love food, do not miss Florence. If you are a couple, Venice will suit you well. Visit other offbeat areas also nearby these regions. Once you give your tour company like Luxo Italia a basic idea, they handle the travel. Now that you have a basic idea of the places you can go to, you explain them. Any off-beat and nearby places you want will be included. Leave the burden of complex planning and itineraries at home. Pick up your backpack and head out for the time of your life. If you are also interested in Italian food tours, then click the link below.