Italy’s Luxury Lake Destinations – Where Elegance Meets Nature

Italy’s lakes are world renowned for their astounding beauty. The real question is, which offer the most luxurious escapes? Here are our favourite luxury lake destinations in Italy;

Lake Como

Scenic View of Lake Como with luxury tour boat in Italy

It’s difficult to find a place on earth in which art, pleasure and love have lived in such lovely surroundings, in such triumphs of nature and breathtaking bright lights.” – Carlo Lianti

Lake Como is one of Italy’s crowning jewels. The lake and surrounds epitomize the meaning of ‘lap of luxury’. Over 15 picturesque towns adorn its shores just waiting to be explored. Not only is it the most popular, Como is also the deepest lake in Italy, plumbing a depth of 400m.

Travellers are drawn to Como’s pristine beauty, its Romanesque Villas, and laid-back sense of luxury – not to mention its celebrity spotting opportunities. Including this destination in your tailor-made itinerary offers the perfect opportunity to cruise along in a Riva Boat and maybe even spot Como resident George Clooney. All in all, an adventure not to be missed!

Lake Garda

Tourists enjoy swimming on Lake Garda in the afternoon.

Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. The Lake is nestled among vast mountains between the regions of Lombardy, Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige. Second only to Lake Como in terms of its stature as a travel destination for the discerning, Lake Garda offers stunning vistas, quaint towns and several islands to be explored by boat.

Along with its stellar scenery, the area is also a historian’s dream. Be sure to visit St. Francis of Assisi’s monastery, founded in 1220, as well as the Grotte di Catulio.

Lake Maggiore

An island on Lake Maggiore with a background of a foggy mountain

A magical, Mediterranean border between Switzerland and Italy, Lake Maggiore has earned inclusion in our list with its exotic flora. Due to its borderline location, the lake boasts a temperate climate that allows several species of exotic plants to grow. As the second largest lake in Italy, it’s the perfect place for a luxury cruise.

If you plan to visit when the flowers are in full bloom during the spring and summer months, venture up the Mottarone cable car for a panoramic view across the full 64-kilometre stretch of Maggiore.


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Lake Orta

The small and beautiful island of Lake Orta

Lauded as a largely undiscovered haven, Lake Orta is ideal for anyone seeking a peaceful paradisiacal escape. Lake Orta is widely known as the ‘secret sister’ amongst Italy’s great lakes, but it is no less magical than its better-known siblings. Discover sleepy medieval towns, age-old monasteries and vibrant piazzas, or cruise along the Lake’s surface admiring the thick woodlands and imposing mountains that surround the lake.

The surrounding towns are steeped in history, so much so that one of the towns, Orta San Guilio, has been placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. With its largely undiscovered streets, visitors can expect a relaxing respite from the hustle and bustle of many of the other lakeside destinations.

Although the above may feature as the most popular and luxurious of Italy’s lakes, there are of course other lesser-known spots just waiting to be discovered. Luxo Italia’s tailor-made approach to Italian itineraries means that practically anything is possible. Contact us today to start planning your dream Italian trip today.