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“In Italy, they add work and life on to food and wine”, says British journalist Robin Leach. Italy is a bucket list destination for big-time food lovers. Starting from espresso to ravioli, Italian cuisine has smitten us for decades. Italian food tours are extremely popular. Italy is home to recipes passed down along generations. Italy has the world’s best street food and also exceptional fine-dining restaurants. Roman food markets are unmissable. Dining in Italy is the epitome of luxury. Picture yourself sipping wine in a cozy authentic Italian eatery. You are having the grand Florentine steak, Bistecca alla Florentina. This is the beginning of your saga of romance with Italian food. 

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Italy is the womb of classic items like Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. You can have the original Italian Pizza. The Four-Cheese Pizzas are heavenly. You can eat smoked Panini in Florence. Try out the original Ravioli and Tortellacci of this place. Discover the best crostinis with sundried tomatoes and blue cheese. If you are a meat lover, then Peposo is going to be your favorite. If you are a sweet tooth, have the genuine Gelato here. You must also have one of the Roman traditional desserts, Grattachecca. Sit down in a cafe near Pantheon and grab a fresh cannoli or a plate of Roman Pasta. Italian food tours can take you for wine-tasting as well. Tuscany is a very good place to start. Its famous for Chianti Classico. Taste the traditional Prosecco. Enjoy Aperol-based cocktails. Sip on limoncello in Amalfi Coast. There are so many more traditional items that you can explore. You need the perfect Italian food tour to go with you.

Why choose an Italian food tour

Italian food tours are the best way to experience the rich traditional food items and wines of Italy. Planning a complete food tour by yourself is challenging. Instead of that, you can rely on an experienced tour guide. Touring around Italy for a food adventure can be very tricky. This destination is a food giant on the map. It has tons of restaurants and cafes. There are some that are popular with tourists and are hence overcrowded. Especially around touristy places like the Piazza, you can find food sold at very high prices. A five-minute walk from this place and the food prices drop. There’s plenty of restaurants that offer highly-priced but poor-tasting food. It is hard to escape these traps which lure naive tourists. Tourists coming for the first time will not be aware of this. They do not know what true Italian dishes should taste like. If you try to Google up some restaurants, you might face this. You may end up in overly-advertised and overcrowded average places. Even if you step into restaurants recommended by friends, you may miss the best places. You may end up remaining a tourist distant from the local favorites. On top of that, you would barely be able to figure out the minute details behind food items. Would you step into a restaurant and order artichoke-based dishes? Italy is famous for these. The worst thing would be if you come to know of these dishes from a friend once you leave Italy. You would have to wait for the next time to try it. This is where your Italian food tours step in.

Benefits of booking a food tour

Italian food tours have a very good understanding of the food in Italy. You are not accompanied by a guide but a passionate local. Your Italian food tour guide should almost act as though he’s a friend who invited you over to their country. If you have a tour guide, they will almost tailor dish orders as per your preference. Sometimes you may overlook a simple dish. But that dish may pack so much essence of Italian food. These local guides understand how to pair wine and food also. Food tours take the burden of confusion and planning off of you. 

They know off-the-beat places which are actually valuable. They can take you to the best places for Moscato wine. You can go to bakeries and pubs which are not even present online. There is a Trattoria in Florence that serves the best fine dining food but in a casual setting. It has brilliant food but is open only from 12 pm-3 pm on weekdays. A meal there would cost you 1000 Euros. You can easily miss this place if you are not aware of it. Tour guides know about such hidden places. They also understand where the locals take their friends for a celebratory dinner. They know the hip pubs to visit. 

Italian food tour guides often will know some great vendors. These vendors might have been there for generations in Italy. Their forefathers would have been born and brought up there. To eat from their kitchen is to experience true Italian cuisine. Italian food tour guides often can introduce you to such people behind the food. You can get a feel of the passion and concept they have behind their dishes. You may even get to enter from the kitchen backdoor and meet the chef. What better a feeling than to see authentic Italian food cooked in front of you. You might even learn a family recipe or rolling pasta. Your whole experience shifts to a higher level. 

Go for luxurious Italian food tours. They will be in small groups. A luxury experience can happen only with a maximum of ten people. In a bigger group, no one gets enough attention. Choose a tour that pays attention to you. Sometimes tours can also help you skip long queues at a restaurant meant for the general public. So you can have a smooth meal. It is difficult to have such a luxurious experience on your own.

Italian food tours also bring a whole bank of cultural knowledge with them. Food and culture are intertwined. Even a simple dish has a lot of stories and emotions behind it. Your food adventure is haphazard without this knowledge. Tour guides are aware of the history behind certain food items. They can elaborate on why some food or wine is popular in a region. They will also go with you to historically relevant places of food. You can visit places like the 100-year-old Grattachecca corner in Rome. It becomes very easy to appreciate the food after hearing the real stories behind it. Apart from that, you may also hear stories about the local culture. You can understand the food history of different regions. Your understanding of Italian cuisine will go far. It will not be the same as that of someone who is sitting all the way in America. Next time your friend tells you to have Italian cuisine, you can explain them beyond pizza and pasta. 

Italian food tours can actually make it light on your pocket. Since an expert guide accompanies you, you can enjoy food samples. Food items can also be split among the group. Guides will combine their knowledge of local cuisine and your favorite tastes. They will suggest you likewise. That way you would have the best food without emptying your wallet. The last thing you want is to spend thousands of Euros and return with a bland taste in your mouth. Guides will save a wastage. If you paid a Euro for every fake Gelato shop in Italy, then you would run out of cash. Italian food tours also take care of transportation. So you save a good amount of cash that you would have otherwise spent on travel. 

Italian food tours will also help you with language barriers. More unknown than selecting food items from a menu is language. If you are not proficient in Italian, it may become difficult for you to understand dishes. You cannot gain background knowledge of what food items are about. You will hence find it difficult to select and appreciate an item. But if you have a tour guide, life becomes simpler. There is no guessing game. You get exactly what you are looking for.

Luxo Italia - an expert in Italian food tours

A tour that has its roots in Italy is a gem. It will have unmatched knowledge about local cuisines and culture. One such tour is Luxo Italia. It is a young tour agency by Italy’s own Paul and Andrea. Paul is himself a wine connoisseur. Luxo Italia has already achieved a 4.7 rating on Google and has a loyal customer base. They have strong bonds with the local food restaurant owners and cafe owners. There is so much knowledge of hidden food places with them on their blog. Your food tour is already a big success once you book with them. Once you get introduced to their food places, you will keep coming back. The best part about Luxo Italia is that its tours are customizable. So you get flexibility also. With excellent customer care, you can bank upon them completely.

Italian food tours like Luxo Italia pack all the above benefits. So what are you waiting for? Jump onto the food van. Get your taste buds all prepped up. Hop on and off at heavenly stops of food. You will experience the best couple of days with an Italian food tour. Your traveling feast will be grand enough for you to remember it forever. Hope you leave with tons of memories and a happy stomach.