Luxury Hotels in Italy – 15 Hotels for Your Next Trip

Luxury hotels in Italy are a cut above the rest. With 10.2 million tourists flocking to Italy in April 2023 according to Statista, Italy is a more popular destination than ever. It’s not about just any lodging option but one that sets the stage for an unforgettable vacation experience. What are the best luxury hotels across Italy?

Italy has many of the most luxurious hotels, including the Fendi in Rome, the Belmond Cipriani in Venice, the San Pietro on the Amalfi Coast,  The Place Firenze in Tuscany, and the Villa Sant’Andrea in Sicily. Luxury hotels in Italy offer features like upscale dining, private tours, spas, and marvelous rooms.

This guide to the most luxurious hotels in Italy will offer recommendations across the country. We’ll also provide pointers for booking a luxury vacation.


Discover Hidden Luxuries of Italy

Dive into our curated collection of Italy's most luxurious, hidden treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, explore what others don't know.

Why Choose Luxury Hotels in Italy

You deserve to spoil yourself with a stay at a luxury hotel in Italy by the sea. Here are the amazing advantages awaiting you if you do. 

The Distinctive Essence of Italian Luxury Hotels

Luxury hotels in Italy set themselves apart by creating a dream experience for travelers and vacationers. You’re pampered from the moment you set foot upon the threshold and have access to anything you could want or need.

Spas and wellness areas will renew your mind, body, and soul. You can receive massages, cutting-edge beauty treatments, and other services to help you feel your best.

Fill your belly and your spirits with the finest food and drink on the Italian coast, indulging in the authentic cuisine Italy is beloved for.

Activities on the hotel grounds create a romantic atmosphere for two or foster family togetherness, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

Stunning Scenery Around Every Corner

Luxury hotels in Italy by the sea offer some of the most breathtaking views of Europe. The hotels themselves are also architectural marvels. Some carry extensive Italian history within their walls, while others are modern marvels, a nod to how far building design has come.

The interiors are just as dazzling, with large atriums, cavernous lobbies, and generously sized rooms with a view.

Dedicated Concierges and Luxury Travel Designers

Planning an immersive vacation is simpler than ever with passionate, knowledgeable professionals available to assist you. Luxo Italia’s luxury travel designers know Italy inside and out and will happily reveal its most tantalizing secrets so you can discover what’s best about this country.

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Rome, in addition to being a historic city in Italy and in the world, is also home to many luxury hotels

Luxury Hotels in Rome

The idyllic capital of Rome captivates with dreamy historical sites around every corner, including St. Peter’s Basilica and the Colosseum. Luxury awaits you when you retire to your gorgeous room with all the amenities you long for.

Don’t miss our extensive guide, Luxury Hotels in Rome, for more information about the picture-perfect lodging options available.


Rome’s Hassler is as much an experience as it is a hotel. You’ll feel like royalty as you trot your way up the stone steps to the door, drinking in the immersive architecture and Italian panoramas that await you.

The 87 rooms and suites are uniquely decorated so no two are identical, which gives you all the more reason to stay again and again. Imagine sleeping in an exclusive penthouse on the eight floor. The 3,552-square-foot accommodation offers views of the Barcaccia fountain and Piazza di Spagna.

You don’t even need to leave your hotel to experience the finest dining, as the elegant, curated selection of bars and restaurants will tantalize your taste buds.


Your home away from home is here at the Fendi Private Suites. Seven private suites overlooking a flagship Fendi store are tucked away in Roma. You can do your shopping, then retire to your room for a nightcap. What could be better?

This hotel in the heart of Rome offers convenience and proximity to all the spots you wish to visit, from the Vatican to the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps.

Treat yourself to a meal at Aroma during your stay. As one of Rome’s most beloved restaurants, the establishment whips up fresh dishes like crispy beef tongue with black cherries and cacio e pepe sauce or lamb loin served with buffalo milk yogurt, carrots, and pistachios.

Hotel de Russie

The five-star luxury Hotel de Russie between the Spanish Steps and Piazza del Popolo was once called “paradise on earth” by Jean Cocteau, a famous poet from the early 1900s. Many generations and several centuries have passed since but the sentiment still stands.

Get to know the magic of Roma with a curated tour of its most inspiring curiosities and history so immense it would captivate any scholar. When you return to your spectacular room, partake in fine dining on the hotel grounds.

Le Jardin de Russie offers outdoor views of the statuesque Roma while you enjoy authentic Italian dining. The Stravinskij Bar is an award-winning meeting spot for a nightcap or an afternoon delight. 

Rooms and suites are available for groups as small as one or as large as families. The lavish suites are rich in decor, with all from the lighting to the wallpapering, furniture, and layout designed to evoke a mood that’s authentically Roma. 

Luxo Italia can help you carve out unforgettable experiences in Rome. Plan your perfect luxury experience in Italy with our services. 

Venice is a magical city that

Luxury Hotels in Venice

Venice is one of the most magical, lush parts of Italy. It’s also an ideal spot for your next getaway, with hotels that embody the luxuriousness of Italia and views of the quaint Adriatic Sea.

Check out our article, Luxury Hotels in Venice, Italy, to discover even more hidden gems in Venezia.

St. Regis Venice

The five-star St. Regis Venice punctuates the city center. Unsurprisingly, between its perfect location and family-friendly atmosphere, this Venice hotel has received mountains of awards and praise. 

The breathtaking character of this hotel is one facet of many to adore, as it features a full fitness center and Spa Suites that will dissolve your troubles away. Treat yourself to a moderate service or spend an entire afternoon feeling pampered and spoiled. 

You’re steps away from Venice’s finest art galleries and attractions, with a room to retire to that will instantly feel like home. Views of the unmatched Venician architecture or simple garden panoramas will provide the sweetest wake-up call each morning.

The largest suites offer private balconies so you can enjoy a small slice of Venice all your own. 

Belmond Cipriani

Hotel Cipriani, a Belmond Hotel, is simply divine. Suites of varying sizes invite you to sleep upon a cozy king-sized bed and doze until you awaken with the fine Italian sunrise. Reinvigorate your spirits with a meal from the hotel restaurant that can only be described as a culinary masterpiece.

Don’t miss the Hotel Cipriani’s onsite spa. You can’t possibly tour the Italian countryside with stiff, tense muscles. The services here will alight your spirits.

Are you longing for a getaway to Venice? Luxo Italia will help you spoil yourself with an inclusive vacation experience you’ll never forget.

The Amalfi Coast is the destination chosen by many VIPs also thanks to the luxury hotels in the area

Luxury Hotels on the Amalfi Coast

Southern Italy’s Amalfi Coast is a seaside paradise that welcomes you to explore its depths at Ravello, the Villa Cimbrone Gardens, Atrani, or the Museo della Carta. A busy itinerary requires a restful retreat.

You’re in luck, as Amalfi Coast luxury hotels provide full amenities for an inclusive experience.

Belmond Caruso

Caruso, a Belmond Hotel, is a glamorous stop on your tour of the Amalfi Coast. Its architecture dates to the 11th century, and the gardens you can take a romantic walk through are nearly as old. The rose bushes kiss the peerless blue sky, while the aroma of the flowers fills your soul.

The refined suites and rooms promote unmitigated excellence, with smooth, gorgeous marble bathrooms and large beds. Watch the lulling waves of the perfectly blue Adriatic Sea as you dine al fresco, sample heavenly spa treatments, and experience villeggiatua, a slow, stripped-back Italian summer.

This is one of the most astonishing luxury hotels in Italy by the sea.


Discover Hidden Luxuries of Italy

Dive into our curated collection of Italy's most luxurious, hidden treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, explore what others don't know.

Convento di Amalfi

The Anantara Convento di Amalfi Grand Hotel was once a convent that today is a stunning hotel. Its 13th-century architecture is one part of what makes it so amazing, with the other that it’s built into a cliffside.

Near the beloved Piazza del Duomo and the clear harbor views from nearly every vantage point, this hotel has a magnetic appeal. Sleep in a room with simple but elegant luxury and sea views, soak yourself in the emotional shower in the spa, and prepare for meals you’ll dream about for years to come. 

San Pietro

Positano’s San Pietro is an escape into an enchanting life you’ll never want to leave. The hotel calls itself “a journey within a journey,” which truly couldn’t be more apt. Surround yourself in seaside views and vivid floral displays. Let your tastebuds dance as you savor the formal and relaxed dining experiences.

Your stay grants you access to a private beach, a cove with clear waters, mountain views, a solarium, and a cliffside elevator for getting to the beach from the hotel.

Luxo Italia brings the magic of the Amalfi Coast to life. Plan your tailor-made vacation with our professionals.

Florence is a historic Italian city rich in art and sculptures and offers many luxury hotels to accommodate tourists who decide to visit it

Luxury Hotels in Tuscany

Enchantment under the Tuscan sun greets you as you experience such gorgeous destinations as the world-famous Ponte Vecchio, the ultra-beloved Piazzale Michelangelo, the awe-inspiring Duomo di Siena, and the mystifying Basilica of Santa Croce.

You must have a place to retreat to that takes your breath away just as readily. This collection of Tuscany hotels will do just that. Don’t miss our guide, Luxury Hotels in Tuscany, for even more indescribably perfect lodging options.

The Place Firenze

Home awaits at The Place Firenze, which prides itself on being a reliable presence in an ever-changing world. The rooms are open, airy, light, and refreshing, all words you can use to describe your Tuscan vacation.

The Kitchen & The Bar serve meals around the clock. The lunch and dinner menu offers such mouthwatering fare as a fillet catch of the day sourced directly from the Tirrenean Sea, served with tomatoes, capers, taggiasca olives, and potatoes.

For dessert, treat yourself to a creamy, dreamy authentic Italian tiramisu made with Mugellan mascarpone and artisanal bisquits.

Seeking more dining during your adventure to Tuscany? Ristorante Buca Lapi has an immense Italian-inspired menu and an ambiance and décor that delights the senses.

Castello Monastero

Views of chestnut forests, cornfields, and vineyards where Chianti wine is bottled will greet you during each day you spend at Castello Monastero. This elegant Tuscan hotel is built from a restored monastery and medieval village, so it has immense history around every corner.

Select an ultra-exclusive villa (there’s only one) or 74 suites and rooms. The hotel describes its décor style as “rustic chic,” which is an ode to the lineage of the hotel’s original history intermingling with modern, luxe design touches like metallic textiles, warm mood lighting, full-sized windows, and whole-wall art.

Taste the best of Tuscany at the hotel’s gourmet restaurants, where professional chefs show off their cooking chops, much to the delight of your taste buds. Immerse yourself in Italian luxury at the hotel’s wellness resort, selecting from restorative treatments like acupuncture, anti-aging treatments, and beauty treatments.

Don’t forget to take a dip in the Aqueae Monasteri high-saline sea oil pool to renew your skin and add that warm, beautiful glow to your complexion. 

Castiglion Del Bosco

The adventure of a lifetime in Tuscany deserves a hotel as magnificent. The Castiglion Del Bosco is part resort, golf club, and winery. It’s truly the definition of paradise.

The gorgeous hotel, known as the Rosewood, offers luxury villas, alluring dining, and among the best views of Tuscany. The hotel has 11 villas and 42 suites that embody Tuscan fire and passion. The villas are built from farmhouses that have stood since the 17th and 18th centuries and have since been lovingly restored.

Your villa stay will entitle you to the utmost privacy and access to exclusive sights around the hotel grounds, from breathtaking gardens to elegant pergolas and terraces and heated pools.

What more could you want? How about impeccable flavors at two restaurants headed by Matteo Temperini, an Excecutive Chef who expertly toes the line between modernity and traditionalism?

Experience the magic of Tuscany with Luxo Italia. We’ll help you plan your perfect Tuscan trip today with our top-notch services.

Lake Como is a high-end destination for tourists from all over the world. it is possible to stay in many luxury hotels that overlook the lake

Other Luxury Hotels in Italy

Luxury hotels in Italy don’t stop there. As you explore this country’s magnificent regions, consider stopping off at any of these hotels, which are verifiable mythical wonderlands across Italy.

Please don’t miss our guide, Lake Como Luxury Hotels, for more details on where to stay in that part of Italy.

Mandarin Oriental Como

The Lago di Como hotel Mandarin Oriental Como invites you to seek the best life has to offer while falling in love with lakeside beauty. This award-winning hotel provides all you can ask for while in Italy, like a private atmosphere that will make you feel like you’re on another plane of existence. 

You won’t find a larger spa in the area than the one at this hotel, so relax and retreat and set your spirit free. The 75 suites and villas provide the finest Italian comforts, and the exclusive fine dining options are an utter treat you’ll dream about for months after you go home.

Villa Sant’Andrea

The Villa Sant’Andrea is a Belmond Hotel, which cements its luxury status. The ideal Sicilian getaway for more than 50 years, this stunning hotel is a pure architectural marvel with its tiled roofs, sky-grazing foliage, and balconies with views overlooking the sea.

Make the most of your time in Sicily with a custom luxury tour through Essence of Sicily. You’ll experience the most wonders this part of Italy has to offer, including little-known secrets.

Borgo Egnazia

The Borgo Egnazia is like nowhere else. This award-winning hotel translates to “village,” but the Borgo Egnazia is so much more than that. Mere steps from lovely Puglia and with the tempting Adriatic Sea glimmering in the distance, the Borgo Egnazia can pamper you like you’ve never been treated before.

The Vair Spa offers Italian health, wellness, and beauty treatments that will have you looking and feeling your best. From Roman baths to facial treatments, massages, and body treatments, the Vair Spa is the pinnacle of relaxation.

Fine dining is perhaps at its finest at a place like this. Experience the Mediterranean diet and its healthful effects, then retreat to a room that feels so much like a dream you’ll hardly believe it’s real.

Belmond Splendido

Your quest for the most luxurious hotels in Italy stops at the Belmond Splendido. Nestled into a tree-lined cliffside in Portofino, the Belmond Splendido is a five-star hotel with the most spectacular panoramas you might ever witness.

The rooms and suites are a work of art, with the finest level of detail paid to all the intricate design and décor touches. Each room has its own atmosphere and ambiance, from lush jewel tones and greenery prints to warm, open vistas.

Punta Tragara

Capri is heaven on earth, and the Punta Tragara gets you one step closer. Enveloped in coastal and sunny environs, this hotel with views of the Faraglioni rocks envelops all your senses. The lobby and suites look pulled straight from the pages of the finest interior decorating magazines, with the special suites offering the most unrivaled opulence you can ever imagine.

Your room will be your oasis, your sanctuary on your incredible travels. Should you decide to leave its fine walls, you can dine at a poolside bar or indulge in a sit-down dinner. You can also breathe in the finest sea air and experience unrivaled views on Capri Relax Boats.

Taormina is located in Sicily, Italy and offers many luxury hotels to tourists


Taormina’s Metropole is among the best luxury hotels in Italy with romantic vibes that make it an ideal honeymoon spots. All you crave will be steps from your door, lending you the greatest of ease in planning your Italian getaway.

High-class amenities such as a concierge and room service are not to be missed, and guests should also avail themselves to the free daily breakfasts, sparkling pool, and breezy rooftop terrace.


What could be better than the sea and spa at Therasia Resort? Now you can fill your Italian vacation with both, enjoying the Mediterranean’s greatest gifts. As part of the Aeolian Islands near Vulcanello, the hotel takes design inspiration from its nearest influences, from arches that welcome you to watch the sea to appealing reed roofing and columns throughout.

Olive wood and cedarwood, terracotta, and lava stone intermingle, representing the best of the Aeolian Islands. Gourmet dining experiences with Michelin stars tantalize your taste buds. I Tenerumi is a vegetarian establishment, while L’Archipelago serves delightful Sicilian traditional food.


The Lefay Resort & Spa on the Lago di Garda promises to melt your stresses away and guide you on the path to renewal. The Riviera dei Limoni in which the resort is situated features coastal stretches, green-lined mountains, and private estates.

The suites were restyled in 2021 for even more richness, from private balconies to a Jacuzzi. The intimate size and immersive balcony views will make every morning feel like you never woke from your coziest dream.

The gourmet cuisine that’s always cooking up at Lefay tantalizes with every plate. You can sample the best of Mediterranean cuisine with fresh-grown herbs, lakeside citrus, and pure extra virgin olive oil.

Relais San Maurizio

The Relais San Maurizio was once a monastery that’s since been converted into a luxury hotel in Italy. The monastery rooms preview a long-gone time, retaining the antiquities of the period to incredible effect. The San Luigi luxury suites staunchly embrace modernity.

Stroll through the organic garden and park, absorbing the tranquility of Piemonte. Then receive an outdoor treatment or massage while listening to the chirping of birds and watching the serene mountainside and greenery below.

Sample world-class food at the ornamental dining room that’s fit for royalty or expand your horizons at the nearby Guido Ristorante

The Luxo Italia team gives advice on how to choose the best luxury hotel in Italy

Tips for Booking Luxury Hotels in Italy

Are you browsing hotels in Italy, searching for elegant features like a private beach and five-star dining? These tips will help you book.

Let the Reviews Be Your Guide

With 54.7 percent of consumers reading four or more reviews before purchasing, you should carefully comb over the reviews for luxury hotels in Italy before you schedule your stay. Look for reviews with photos and/or videos, as these accurately depict the hotel experience.   

Plan Your Trip First, Then Your Hotel

Italy is a vast country. Your luxury hotel should be conveniently located, not out of the way of your travel plans. Confirm your itinerary before locking in a hotel to ensure proximity to must-see locations.

Lean on the Pros

You can always rely on a trip-planning agency like Luxo Italia for your getaway. We specialize in luxury hotels and accommodations and can help you find the perfect spot to stay in Italy for your plans.


Luxury hotels in Italy from Florence to Lake Como are glamorous lodgings with everything needed for an inclusive vacation. You can easily reach the travel spots on your itinerary, enjoy world-class dining, bask in an inviting atmosphere, and sleep in the plushest, most beguiling rooms. Luxo Italia is ready to help you plan the getaway of a lifetime, complete with luxury hotels in Italy. Let’s get your custom travel itinerary underway.