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Starting in Verona, and making its way to Franciacorta and Langhe, the Northern Italy Gourmet Package is a standout among luxury culinary trips to Italy. An ideal way to wine and dine your way through some of the most renowned areas in the culinary scene, this package is perfect for wine connoisseurs and food lovers alike. This VIP, gourmet experience will lead you through carefully selected wineries, trattorias and Michelin starred restaurants in the pursuit of gastronomic perfection.

This trip includes:

  • 8 Day Package Exploring the Northern Italian Wine and Culinary Scene
  • Discover Corners of Verona and Lombardy
  • Indulge in Michelin Star Dining
  • Sip on Amarone Wine in a Luxury Tasting Experience
  • Explore the Home of ‘Italian Champagne’
  • Sample the Sumptuous Reds of Piedmont

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When to go

March - November


Starting from 13.750 € Per Person

Ideal Length

12 days

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The Trip Details

This Northern Italy Gourmet Package will give passionate wine collectors the chance to add impressive wines to their collections, as well as gain first-hand knowledge of this important culinary region. For more information on a north Italy itinerary ideal for luxury wining and dining, contact our expert team at Luxo Italia and start planning today!

Countryside Luxury at Villa Cordevigo Wine Relais

Begin your culinary adventure in the rolling countryside outside Verona at the superb Villa Cordevigo. This 18th century residence is set against a backdrop of verdant vineyards and clear, blue skies and boasts spacious suites, Renaissance architecture and the charm of countryside living. This estate has done an excellent job of preserving the style and flair of its grand history, while transforming the space to ensure it includes all the contemporary luxuries and amenities you could hope for.

Private Afternoon Tour of Verona

Verona is not only known for its wineries, but also for its colourful history and dedication to the arts. Many people know it as the home of Shakespeare’s Juliet, and this private tour includes a visit to the 14th century house where her love story played out. Verona is also home to the world’s best preserved Roman amphitheatre, which is still used today as a functional entertainment space. Spend the afternoon exploring the historical sites and squares, taking some time to browse through the modern boutiques or stopping for a drink at one of the lively cafes. End the day off with an exclusive dinner in an ancient wine cellar.

Sip Amarone Wine in a Luxury Tasting Experience

See how Italy’s exquisite Amarone wines are produced in this exclusive wine tour. Amarone, or ‘The Great Bitter, is a rich, dry red wine made up of partially dried Corvina grapes blended with other varieties found in the Valpolicella area. The tour will begin with an explanation of the drying process, followed by a walk around the lush vineyards, and finally, a guided tasting of this special wine in the winery’s intimate cellar. Sample some of the sumptuous produce from the region, before moving on to explore more of what the area has to offer.

Michelin Star Dining At Oseleta

Situated in a traditional villa, the Oseleta Restaurant is an elegant combination of traditional charm and modern flair. Chef Guiseppe D’Aquino will draw you in with his unmatched passion and traditional flavours, and then wow you with his innovative and original style. Experience gastronomic excellence at its best at Oseleta, and gain a new understanding of why culinary trips to Italy are the top of everyone’s bucket list.

Check In To L’Albereta Relais & Châteaux

Nestled among rolling hills and luscious vineyards, L’Albereta is a sanctuary in the stunning Franciacorta region. Ivy covers the ancient walls which house elegant suites, shining hospitality and luxurious amenities. Unwind in the state-of-the-art leisure centre, stroll in the leafy garden or feast on haute cuisine that will take your breath away.

Dine With Chef Nadia

Fresh fish is the order of the day at Da Nadia. This one-of-a-kind restaurant combines the feeling of dining with friends with the height of class and sophistication. Chef Nadia lets the fresh ingredients speak for themselves with bold, simple dishes, while the extraordinary wine list shows off the versatility and quality of the region. A true reflection of the array of flavours and techniques that make up this culinary tradition, dining with Nadia is an experience not to be missed.

Explore The Home of ‘Italian Champagne’

Frequented by Italian holiday-makers rather than international tourists, this is an untouched part of the north Italy wine route. Francicorta’s drawcard is its bubbly sparkling wine that’ll wow even the toughest critic. Lombardy is known worldwide for its exceptional cuisine, and a tour of this gastronomic hotspot will offer the opportunity to learn about Franciacorta’s sparkling wine and the fabulous local cuisine it pairs best with. An expert guide will lead you through tastings from two different wineries, as well as grappa and herbal spirits from a local distillery before returning home at your leisure.

Check In At Il Boscareto Resort And Spa

A private car will transport you to the splendid region of Langhe, where you will arrive at Il Boscareto Resort and Spa. An oasis amidst the vineyards, rest your head in style at this spacious resort and take advantage of the world-class amenities. Treat yourself to a morning of pampering at the spa and wellness centre, browse the onsite gift shop for local specialities or take your pick from the gourmet menu.

Haute Cuisine With Chef Ugo Alciati

Ready your tastebuds for an evening of Michelin star dining with the spectacular chef Ugo Alciati. The region is well known for the fragrant white truffle, so prepare to experience this unique flavour like never before. In true Italian style, the evening meal is about more than just the food on the plate, and Chef Alciati will share the passion and stories behind each dish as you sample innovative flavours and sip on fine wines.

Sample The Sumptuous Reds Of Piedmont

A dedicated sommelier will guide you through the region of Piedmont to sample award winning Barolo and Barbaresco wines. These full-bodied and complex wines have a fascinating production process, history and tasting profile, and the tour will be spent enjoying them in a variety of beautiful settings. From ancient cellar tours, to tasting rooms with awe-inspiring views, you’ll have the opportunity to get a true sense of what this region is all about. The tour will span two days, and will also include the sampling of phenomenal local cuisine.

Tailor-Made Michelin Dining Perfection

End off your trip to wine country on the highest possible gastronomic note with a personalised three star Michelin dining experience at Piazza Duomo. Service that exceeds anything you’ve experienced before, this world-class restaurant prides itself in perfection and ensures that each guest enjoys an evening that is personally tailored to their taste. Each individual experience at Piazza Duomo is meticulously crafted in order for you to get the most out of your evening. A leader in hospitality and a frontrunner in haute cuisine, a trip to Piazza Duomo is the ultimate addition to any luxury north Italy itinerary.


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