One Day at Como Lake – A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Lake Como has always been a magnet for the elite

– Janine Di Giovanni

With a greatest profundity of around 410 meters (448 yards), Lake Como is perhaps the most profound lake in Europe. Its trademark shape, suggestive of an upside down Y, results from the melting of ice sheets joined with the erosive activity of the antiquated Adda river.

A stay that is meant to pamper you

A view of the Lake Como in front of the room of the hotel

When you book with Luxo Italia, we help you with an accommodation in the very fine suite at the Sereno Hotel. The Grand Suite Lago is smooth and quiet, giving fantastic perspectives on the serene lake. These suites offer a roomy outfitted porch, a couch, full length mirror, work area, and a huge seating. Remarkably agreeable, these sumptuous and roomy suites inspire the casual exquisite soul of Lake Como. The suite has a living region inside and an extensive porch on the other side of the lake.

The normal example and variety range are supplemented by rich textures planned solely for Il Sereno by the world-prestige Patricia Urquiola. The Grand Suite Lago classification represents close to 66% of the rooms at the inn. The suites give the option of either an extra-large bed or two twin beds ignoring the water. Room region goes from 700 sq.ft/65 sqm. to 914 sq. ft./85 sqm. counting the outfitted open air patio.

You deserve Gran Turismo

A beautiful glossy brown Riva Tritone on the Lake Como

The Riva Tritone a renowned model of the Riva line and is generally viewed as the most lovely Riva model ever. The first of the Rivas to be outfitted with twin Cadillac motors, it is additionally the most uncommon as it includes the “giardinetto“, an implicit sun cushion for a more lavish ride.

It is one of just 8 models made with this detail and, surprisingly, less are in presence today. Claimed by renowned famous people, business visionaries and even Prince Rainier of Monaco, the Tritone has generally fulfilled a genuine and modern enthusiasm for boats.

In the shade of the pergola sitting above the little port of Loppia, close to the entry of the awesome Villa Melzi, in Bellagio, there is a charming room.


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From lunches to luncheons, Darsene is pure perfection

A room with a white statue near Lake Como in View of Lake Como in Villa Melzi D'Eril.

Restaurant Darsene di Loppia is a plush lunch place in Bellagio and away from the chaos of the city. The Mediterranean food proposition consolidates dishes with occasional fixings, legitimate strategy, innovation and the exact show as you see in the snaps. The staff is respectful and able to suit all clients.

They are 500 meters from the focal point of Bellagio and effectively reachable by walking by strolling along the greenhouses on the pool of “Manor Melzi d’Eril”, with the midyear vacationer train leaving at regular intervals during the traveller season from the lakefront in Bellagio and via vehicle.

They don’t simply make extravagance get-aways in Italy, yet rather remarkable and novel educational encounters. Every one of our extravagance visits is different essentially on the grounds that our voyagers organized it with us. Therefore, our goal is to give you an agreeable, interesting and warm private way to deal with examining, making, and arranging everything about your movement.

During your whole visit, you will go with nearby specialists, who have a profound love for their nation and are glad to share the secret extravagance diamonds of Italy with you. Could it be said that you are prepared to encounter the most excellent and enamouring excursion of your life?

Luxo Italia – Who are we

A Luxo Italia company owners introduce their selves in the luxury room.

We know and love each little town, corner, and spot in our nation, and we need to assist you with getting to know it in the manner that best mirrors your preferences and inclinations.

In any case, before being extravagant travel planners, we are explorers.

We love finding new spots, new food varieties, new societies, figuring out how to get to realize the people who go with us and partaking in the excellence of Italy together.

Exactly, this perspective characterizes the distinction between what we offer you and what the exemplary extravagance travel services offer.

We don’t restrict ourselves to getting sorted out and booking a pre-laid out and unexceptional schedule. Our goal is unique; we need to offer you a select, remarkable and matchless extravagance experience that is totally redone. What travel experience do you look for?

Why book with us

Customized plan

We’ll design your excursion around your particular advantages, tastes, and inclinations, giving accommodating tips and fair exhortation in light of direct information on the objective.

Bonafide encounters

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Mindful travel

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