Franciacorta and Valpolicella Wine Tour – A Luxe Tasting Experience

Franciacorta and Valpolicella Wine Tour

Experience the most unique Wine Tour in Franciacorta and Valpolicella with Luxo Italia! There are some beautiful seasons. But is there a season that is more distinctive than summer? We wouldn’t change the sweat, the roar of the window AC units, or the ‘tropical’ scents of the suntan lotion. We adore the sun and the […]

Luxury Tuscany Tours – Explore Italy’s Most Romantic Region

From art to wine, discover the hidden treasures of a millenary culture with a luxury tour in Tuscany Italy. A few words may come to mind. Pasta, pizza, but probably most of all, wine. Every wine lover knows Italy is the place to go to find a good red. But, only with a luxury tour […]