Top 10 Venice Sights – Explore the Unseen Corners of Romance

Venice, or Venezia to the locals, is a place of immense beauty, rich cultural history, and labyrinthine waterways. Venice consists of 117 small islands connected by beautiful bridges and canals scattered with gondolas. As the city features on most travelers’ bucket-lists, allow us to guide you through some of the best things to do in Venice:

1. St. Mark’s Basilica

The roof of the St. Mark's Basilica with statues.

St. Mark’s Basilica is a sublime piece of architecture dating back to 1092. Visually striking, it is lauded as one of the most important and impressive religious buildings in Northern Italy. Whether you follow the religion or not, the ornate details, Byzantine artwork, frescos and sculptures are truly breath-taking and worth seeing. Please note, as this is a place of religious significance, it is required that your shoulders and knees are covered when visiting.

2. St. Mark’s Square

Known as the most famous piazza in Venice due to the impressively ornate buildings and archways that frame it, St. Mark’s Square is a perfect place to have an espresso and enjoy the views.

3. Murano

A row of houses with boats along a canal in Murano, Italy.

Like a much smaller Venice, Murano is also a group of small islands connected by man-made bridges and canals. The area is famous for its glass blowing, which can be witnessed in fabulous displays at numerous local factories. During your time here, we recommend seeing the Basilica dei Santa Maria, Palazzo Da Mula and Campo Santo Stefano as well.

4. Burano

Another mini replica of Venice, Burano is known to produce the most exquisite lace on the continent. Meander through its picturesque streets, enjoy some local fare, and marvel at the technicolour houses.


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5. Torcello

While you’re exploring other island groups, add Torcello to the list. Home to a 7th century cathedral and the ruins of its baptistery, it is a true Byzantine masterpiece.

6. Bridges

People floating on gondola near Rialto bridge

Arching impressively over the vast Grand Canal, the Ponte di Rialto is undoubtedly the most famous and iconic bridge of Venice. The bridge connects the districts of San Marco and San Polo but also serves as a wonderful photo opportunity.

Another important piece of architecture and history is the Bridge of Sighs. Although small, it is said that this bridge served as part of the prison walk from the palace for criminals which, upon crossing, legend has it would take a final look at the city and sigh. The bridge symbolised a crossing from freedom to imminent incarceration.

7. Explore the Grand Canal

One of the most magical ways to experience Venice is by boat, so why not do it in style? Prepare for the epitome of luxury travel and board the embodiment of “La Dolce Vita”, a Riva Boat. Largely considered the jewels of Italy’s waters, make sure to ask for the story of Ernesto Riva during your tour.

8. San Marco Campanile

Tourists visit the famous Piazza San Marco in sunny weather.

Although remarkable when viewed from the ground, there is nothing quite like the panoramic views from the summit of San Marco Campanile. Originally erected in the 9th century as a watch tower, the Campanile unfortunately collapsed in 1902 due to damage caused by fire, earthquakes and lightning throughout the years. Fastidiously rebuilt, the current tower stands at an impressive 98.6m high and is really a structure to behold.

9. San Giorgio Maggiore

Located on a small, separate island a short distance from the Venice Basin is San Giorgio Maggiore. Standing proud and visible from the shores of Venice are the majestic San Giorgio Monastery, the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore and a large tower that mirrors San Marco’s campanile. Photo opportunities and age-old secrets abound so take adequate time to explore.


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10. Doges Palace

A beautiful exterior of the gothic Doge Palace in Venice

Last, but my no means least, is Doges Palace. Flaunting its impressive design and earning its name as one of the most renowned buildings in Venice, the façade features white stone arches inlayed with intricate diamond designs. Once inside, each of the impressively decorated rooms boast original artwork, furniture and spectacular detail. Our guests can enjoy a private tour of this captivating piece of history.

Italy, and its beloved Venezia, are full of tourist hotspots and local hideouts but the real question is, how do you decide what to do? The answer is simple – a bespoke luxury tour showcasing the crème de la crème of Italian attractions. Share your passions, bucket-list items, and dream locations, then leave the rest to us!

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