Most Romantic Places in Italy – Top 5 Spots for Love in 2020

There’s no denying that Italy ranks among the most beautiful and romantic countries to visit in the world. It is therefore no surprise that starry-eyed couples and honeymooners have made their way to the land of love for hundreds of years. The question is, where are the most romantic places to visit during your time here?

1. Verona

Aerial view of the Verona city with beautiful sunset.

How can the birthplace of fabled lovers Romeo and Juliette not feature on our list? Fair Verona, the city of fabled romance, has much to offer couples, from operatic performances at the Verona arena and Casa de Julietta (the house of Juliette) to the mesmerizing maze at Giardino Giusti. How about a meander along the Adige river, or perhaps some time spent admiring the views from Castel San Pietro?

2. Venice

Nighttime view of the Venice Canal with beautiful cloud formations.

As much as we tried to exclude Venice from this list for its predictability, it’s simply impossible to miss out on the enchanting islands that make up this magical city. What could be more romantic than being serenaded aboard a gondola at sunset while traversing the intricate canals of Venice? If you’re ready for a break from the hustle, the Prosecco Vineyards are a must during your trip with us, and they’re situated just a short drive from Venice airport.

3. Lake Como

Aerial view of the small village with mountains in Lake Como

There is no way we could design a romantic, tailor-made tour and leave out Lake Como. Exploring a myriad of towns, hand in hand, and cruising along the lake in a Riva boat while savouring a glass of Prosecco makes for the perfect romantic day trip – and the lake-side views are simply astounding.

4. Tuscany

A Grandiose House in the middle of beautiful landscapes

The Tuscan region comprises a breathtaking expanse of rolling hills, wine farms and quaint towns, as well as the iconic city of Florence. We have included Tuscany as an entire region instead of a city as its romance factor is solely based on your preferences – whether it’s wine tasting in Chianti, city exploration in Florence or strolling around Siena, Tuscany never disappoints.

5. The Amalfi

Top view of the houses in front of the mountain with blue sea in the Amalfi.

We would challenge anyone to picture a more romantic activity than journeying along these colourful seaside towns. Each of these coastal wonders have something unique to offer, from Ravello’s bird’s eye views to Positano’s pastel colours. This coastal stretch makes for a marvelous journey of discovery. The Amalfi Coast is also a perfect base from which to explore Italy’s islands of Capri and Ischia.

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Image Credits: Como Classic Boats, Depositphotos, TripExpert, Civitatis