Amalfi Coast Wedding Guide – 5 Spots to Say “I Do”

There’s no better place to start the rest of your lives together than atop a cliff overlooking the azure blue of the Amalfi Coast. With unparalleled beauty, a tantalizing wine selection and world renowned cuisine, a wedding along this extraordinary coastline already has all the ingredients for a perfect celebration. That being said, choosing a location that suits all your particular needs can be tricky, so we’ve put together the ultimate Amalfi Coast wedding guide to help you find the venue for you. Read on for our top choices for a fairytale wedding that people aren’t likely to forget.

1. Caesar Augustus

Top view of Amalfi with luxurious escape

Private, artistic retreat turned luxurious escape, Caesar Augustus is a gem along the glistening coast. Explore the narrow streets lined with artisanal delis and local restaurants in the days before or after the celebration of your love, and relax into this traditional venue filled with old-world Italian charm. It’s the ideal choice for a couple looking for a balance of luxury and an authentic, age-old Amalfi Coast experience.

2. Casa Angelina

Women organize the food for the wedding ceremony in Casa Angelina

Stepping onto the terrace at Casa Angelina, you feel as if you’re stepping onto the edge of the world. With nothing but the still Tyrrhenian sea stretching out before you, this one of a kind luxury boutique hotel exudes calm and tranquility. Avoid the summer crowds and say ‘I do’ in a setting that’s chic decor balances perfectly with the exquisite nature that surrounds it. Crisp, white finishes set the scene to let the phenomenal views take center stage. This venue is for anyone that loves minimalist designs and a luxurious, off-the-beaten track feel.


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3. Santa Rosa monastery

Nighttime view of the Santa Rosa monastery

Breathe in salty sea air as it floats through the open window and experience complete relaxation at Monastero Santa Rosa . This unique venue just a stone’s throw from the sea offers the pinnacle of Italian hospitality and is perfect for both large groups and small parties, with a versatile space that can be transformed into the venue of your dreams. What’s more, the menu and wine list at the Michelin star restaurant will be the perfect addition to your special day..

4. Convent Of Amalfi Grand Hotel

Convent Of Amalfi Grand Hotel Is A Perfect Place For The Weeding Venue

Set against the rocky coast, Convento Di Amalfi is unprecedented luxury at the water’s edge. Palatial elegance and natural beauty meet just 80 ft above sea level at this Amalfi Coast wedding venue, offering a background like no other to start the rest of your lives together. This truly is a venue that speaks for itself.

5. Villa Three Villas

Pink, Yellow, and Purple Flowers Decor on Wedding Venue in Villa Three Villas

Villa Tre Ville is a five-star Amalfi Coast wedding venue that will guarantee a celebration your guests will remember long after their tans have faded. No detail is too small, and the team at Villa Tre Ville will take meticulous care to ensure your wedding day is nothing short of perfection. Offering stunning indoor and outdoor settings, this versatile space is for couples who have a strong love for the true Italian way. Villa Tre Ville takes pride in delivering only the finest, most authentic cuisine and ensuring that each element of your day exceeds your expectations.

Need a hand finding the Amalfi Coast wedding venue that ticks all your boxes? Our expert team at Luxo Italia have an unrivaled knowledge of the area, making them the ideal partners in planning the happiest day of your life. If you’re looking for help exploring options for a picture-perfect destination wedding in Italy, not to mention a honeymoon to match, get in touch with our team today !


Discover Hidden Luxuries of Italy

Dive into our curated collection of Italy's most luxurious, hidden treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, explore what others don't know.

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