Book Your Italy Trip in Advance – Why Planning Pays Off

A small piece of advice for you not to miss out on anything

Did you know that 70% of the world’s cultural heritage is found in Italy?

A small and incredible country which only occupies 0.21% of the planet’s surface.

It seems to be just a curiosity, or information meant for travel enthusiasts but, in reality, it is something everyone should keep in mind, because it is the basis on which a trip to this country should be planned.

… because during the most tourist-heavy times of the year it is truly difficult to experience the REAL Italy and visit it at one’s own pace and, perhaps, to avoid endless queues.

In short, we have one piece of advice, but a very important one: book your Italian holiday in advance!

Yeah, but why should you do that?


1. Some areas have few hotels, with only a handful of rooms

The Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi on a cliff with a view of the sea and sky is located on the Amalfi coast.

In places like the Amalfi Coast (and many more), hotels only have a handful of rooms available and, for late arrivals, the ones which usually are left are either super expensive suites or tiny rooms without a view – where you won’t even be able to enjoy the scenery.

And if you don’t start your preparations early, you can say goodbye to “tailor-made” requests, such as a family room or other special needs: you will already struggle to find a place to sleep… let alone anything else!

Simply put, start your planning on time!

… or scenery like this will be only a distant dream:

2. Italian cuisine is a must, to try and to learn: but it requires time!

Booking in advance all the culinary activities (with due notice), will make it possible for you to take part in the best exclusive experiences – in exclusive locations, learning the secrets of our cuisine from Italian chefs… maybe even getting to cook in front of Pontevecchio, while admiring the Colosseum, or on a terrace in Sorrento, the scent of its lemons carried by the wind.

3. Trips out of town: Italy beyond its most famous cities

A beautiful landscape in Tuscany during sunset.

Want an example?

Visiting the winemakers where the greatest Tuscan wines are made (and getting to taste them) is an unforgettable experience!

However… there are few spots available for these experiences, and securing a tasting tour can be an impossible task if you only decide to participate last minute.

If you plan in advance, though, we will be able to reserve a special visit to a “wine temple” like this for you.

4. The most exclusive activities often have limited availability

The best Italian activities? Of course, they all attract tourists… and more and more of them are becoming “limited availability” – and closed off for latecomers.

For example, the Carnival of Venice (and a visit to the city itself), the Fashion and Design week in Milan, the events at the Scala theatre in Milan (the premiere!)… in short: there isn’t room for everyone!

But it is not just a problem for “famous” activities, far from it!

Private dinners in exclusive locations such as the panoramic terrace of Venice, a noble palace in Florence or a private loft in Milan… They’ll only have about 50 seats available each.

Imagine the waiting list for this type of activity!


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5. Don’t forget about the museums!

Going to Rome and failing to visit the Vatican Museum? Unforgivable.

Going to Florence and not seeing the Uffizi? It’s like missing a whole chunk of the city.

Don’t worry: all Italian museums can be booked online. However, these, too, have limited availability.

After a certain number of bookings, the system will block yours. If you have already booked your own flight… this becomes quite an issue – avoidable, if you book in advance.



The best way to visit Italy, its best sights, and its hidden gems (without missing any of them!) is – you guessed it – to do things in advance.

And, if you want to avoid any hassle (and the headaches that come from organizing such a trip!) you can rely on us, here at Luxo Italia.

Our aim is to make sure you enjoy unforgettable experiences during your stay in Italy.

From the most famous and unmissable museums (such as the Vatican Museum – before opening hours – getting lost in the sight of the Sistine Chapel ceiling, alone, in complete silence… a one-of-a-kind feeling), or special activities such as the Doge’s Palace in Venice at night.

You don’t have to worry about anything: together we will build your trip and we will book it too, finding room for you among the super-limited availability of these experiences.

Discover the hidden and most enchanting aspects of this incredible country: do not settle for just visiting Italy, experience its most unique and exclusive essence!

Do you want to book your dream vacation in Italy?

Contact us and you will be able to see the best of the Bel Paese