Rome Experiences – The Best Way to See the Eternal City

Rome is one Italian city that’s brimming with things to see and do. However, despite the wealth of activities and attractions in Rome, many visitors, particularly those new to the city, often find themselves following the well-trodden path of the typical Rome experiences you’d find on any regular tourist itinerary.

Those seeking a more unique and luxurious vacation might find it well worth venturing into some of the lesser-known and distinctive Rome experiences the city has in store, from private museum tours to high-end dining activities to classy wine tastings. Better yet, you can still enjoy all of Rome’s iconic landmarks while having the luxury experience.

If you want to find out just how easy it is to plan the perfect vacation with unique experiences in Rome, continue reading as we provide you with all you need to know.


Discover Hidden Luxuries of Italy

Dive into our curated collection of Italy's most luxurious, hidden treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, explore what others don't know.

Introduction to Rome Experiences

Rome offers it all!

With an irresistible blend of history, luxury, and exclusivity, all of which are nestled within its ancient streets, finding luxury experiences in Rome that you’ll remember forever isn’t difficult.

Many travelers come here to travel through millennia of history, from the Colosseum to the Sistine Chapel to the Vatican City. However, beyond the ancient grandeur, the city offers luxury and opulence in the form of private villas and gourmet dining establishments, whether you wish to immerse yourself in food, wine, or outdoor activities.

The 10 Best Luxury Experiences In Rome

In Rome you can have many varied experiences: from private visits to historical monuments to helicopter tours

Rome has plenty of activities to offer. However, if you want to explore the true luxury of the city, you have to look a bit deeper. Let’s explore ten of the best luxury experiences Rome has to offer.

1. Culinary Delights in Luxury Restaurants

Rome has a culinary scene like no other. Even the most discerning palates can find what they’re looking for here.

With so many luxury restaurants in the city, you can take a gastronomic journey through the finest Italian cuisine (paired with exceptional wines, of course) in some of the region’s most elegant settings. Some of our favorite and most luxurious restaurants in Rome include La Pergola, II San Lorenzo, and Il Pagliaccio.

2. High-End Shopping in Condotti & Via del Babbuino

Via dei Condotti and Via del Babbuino are home to some of the most renowned fashion houses in the world, including Gucci, Prada, and Bulgari.

If doing some high-end shopping while in Rome is on your list, there’s no better place to dip into the latest fashion trends.

3. Historic Monuments Private Tour

One of the best Rome Experiences to do is to visit the historical monuments with a private guide

While joining the masses of tourists on the city’s popular public tours is an option, one of the premier Rome experiences is exploring the city’s iconic historic landmarks, such as the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, and the Pantheon, through a private tour.

With an exclusive experience like this, you’ll get to delve deeper into the history and significance of some of the world’s most fascinating ancient sites.

4. Luxury SPA Treatments

You’re on vacation! Why not treat yourself with a world-class spa treatment?

In many of Rome’s luxury hotels, you’ll find health and wellness centers offering plenty of undue ways to unwind and rejuvenate during your stay.

For a curated list of some of the finest accommodations featuring luxurious spa amenities, check out Luxo Italia’s selection of luxury hotels in Italy.

5. Helicopter Tour of the Capital

Luxo Italia customers decided to have a Rome experience by helicopter, being able to admire the capital from above

We truly can’t think of a better way to experience the beauty of Rome than from the skies in your own private helicopter tour. Plus, it’s not a bad way to face a looming fear of heights either.

You’ll get to bask in breathtaking views of the city’s iconic landmarks and see the city unlike most people will ever experience.

6. Boat Tour on the Tiber

The Tiber River was once the most reliable source of water for the ancient Roman people. Today, it still remains one of the city’s greatest marvels, and we highly recommend exploring it if you have time.

Of course, there’s no better way to glide along the Tiber River in style than on a private boat tour. Not only is it a unique way to get a perspective of the city, passing by historic bridges, but it’s also a nice way to enjoy a bit of serenity among the hustle and bustle of the city with picturesque waterfront views.

7. Private Tour of the Vatican Museums

The stairs that lead inside the Vatican museums: an absolutely must-do Rome experience

One of the main reasons people go to Rome is to visit the Vatican City, which is among the most sought-after Rome experiences. Of course, long lines and crowds throughout peak season can make gathering at this popular attraction a bit overwhelming.

The main advantage of a private Vatican Museum tour is that you can bypass the lines, save some valuable time, and get a more intimate, memorable experience with a knowledgeable guide at your side.

8. Private Visit to Noble Residences

Not all grand palazzos or estates in Rome are open to the public. In fact, many historic homes throughout the city have often been in the same noble families for generations and are considered living museums of Rome’s aristocratic history.

With the right itinerary, you can explore these noble residences and learn about the illustrious families who have inhabited them for centuries. From ornate furniture to hidden libraries, getting to visit these places privately is a neat way to explore them at your own pace.

9. Wine Tours

Tasting an exclusive wine is a wonderful experience to have in Rome

With a luxury wine tour in Rome, you can dive into the world of Italian wines in the gorgeous countryside.

Private tours are some of the most wonderful Rome experiences, as they take you through vineyards of your choosing, where you can learn all about their historical significance and gain insights into the winemaking process.

Of course, the heart of the wine tour lies in the tastings. From reds to whites, and perhaps sparkling wine, moving through different flavors accompanied by gourmet food pairings is a wonderful way to gain appreciation for this ancient art.

Many of the tours we offer at Luxo Italia provide exclusive access to wineries not typically open to the public, so you can have the most intimate, personalized experience possible.


Discover Hidden Luxuries of Italy

Dive into our curated collection of Italy's most luxurious, hidden treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, explore what others don't know.

10. Special Access to Restricted Rooms in the Vatican

The Vatican is one of the city’s greatest treasures, and with special access to restricted rooms not typically open to the public, you can explore it unlike anyone else. Private Vatican tours offer the rare opportunity to see hidden gems and lesser-known artworks.

Think of it as more of a curated experience into the unique history and art of one of Europe’s oldest and most well-preserved cities.

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Romantic Escape in the Eternal City

The Trevi Fountain is an ideal place for a romantic moment in Rome

If you’re looking for timeless romance in your Rome experiences, there are many options. Here are some of the city’s most enchanting spots:

  • Trevi Fountain: We can’t think of a better way to start your romantic journey in Rome than by visiting the iconic Trevi Fountain. One tradition believed to bring good luck to couples is tossing a coin over your left shoulder!
  • Villa Borghese Gardens: If you want to escape the bustle of the city, wandering hand-in-hand through the lush Villa Borghese Gardens is a great way to do so. From renting a rowboat on the serene lake to admiring art at the Galleria Borghese, there are several ways to explore the Gardens.
  • Gianicolo Hill: When sunset rolls around, head to Gianicolo Hill for panoramic views of the city. There’s no better backdrop for a romantic moment than the breathtaking cityscape.

If you’re considering honeymooning in Rome, explore our article, “How to Plan a Luxury Honeymoon In Italy.”

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Luxury Shopping Experiences In Rome

Shopping on Via del Corso is a great experience to enjoy in Rome

Once you explore the city’s ancient ruins and historical treasures, it’s time for some luxury shopping.

Two of the most renowned shopping streets in the city are Via Condotti and Via del Corso, where you’ll find several exclusive boutiques and designer-label homes.

Via Condotti, in particular, houses some of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses, including Gucci, Prada, and Bulgari. Strolling down these elegant thoroughfares, you’ll find yourself surrounded by opulence and style at every turn.

However, even beyond the gold-lined streets, the city’s artisan shops offer a wealth of unique hidden gem souvenirs that you can take home as cherished mementos of your visit. We recommend heading to the historic Trastevere neighborhood, where you can find handmade ceramics, jewelry, and leather goods.

On the other hand, for a more authentic shopping experience, you can head to one of Rome’s many bustling flea markets, such as the Campo de’ Fiori and Porta Portese Flea Markets.

Find out more about booking top experiences in Rome today.

The Best 4 Luxury Hotels and Villas In Rome

A Rome experience not to be missed is that of staying in a luxury villa

None of these luxurious Rome experiences are complete without a place to stay. Here are some of the best and most opulent hotels and villas in the city.

1. Fendi

The Fendi is one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in Rome. Each one of the seven private suites offers a view of the flagship Fendi store.

This luxurious little haven offers a unique way to blend shopping and relaxation. Indulge in retail therapy before retreating to your suite for a nightcap. Strategically located in the heart of Rome, it also offers unrivaled proximity to the city’s must-visit destinations, from the Vatican to the Pantheon to the Trevi Fountain.

2. Hassler

The Hassler is so much more than your typical hotel.

Comprised of 87 rooms and suites, each exquisitely designed with its own unique decor, the Hassler ensures that no two stays are ever the same, offering you the perfect excuse to return time and again.

No Rome experiences are comparable to the sheer luxury of sleeping in an exclusive penthouse on the eighth floor with unreal views of the Piazza di Spagna and the Barcaccia fountain.

What’s more, is that you can find some of the city’s finest dining activities inside the hotel, thanks to the elegant selection of bars and restaurants.

3. Villa Clara

In the very heart of Rome, you’ll find the discreet 1920s-style Villa Clara. Constructed in 1929, the property has undergone meticulous restoration, seemingly crafted for a 21st-century Roman emperor.

Within the villa’s confines lie four lavishly appointed suites adorned with golden mosaics, polished marble, and delicate Chinese objets d’art, offering the perfect ambiance fit for unwinding with a book from the extensive library.

The villa’s private wellness sanctuary is nothing short of spectacular, featuring a massage room, an indoor swimming pool, and a hammam, all inspired by the opulence of traditional Roman baths.

4. Roman Penthouse Suite

The Roman Penthouse Suite is an exclusive gem in the heart of Rome, nestled on the renowned Via Veneto.

Situated within the elegant confines of Baglioni Hotel Regina, the suite is the epitome of “La Dolce Vita,” adorned with handcrafted furniture and stunning Murano glass chandeliers.

You’ll find generous common areas with ample space for relaxation and an outdoor terrace with views of the Eternal City. Whether it’s an intimate romantic getaway or a small gathering of friends, it’s an unparalleled way to stay.


With so many luxurious Rome experiences to pick from, you might want to consider reaching out to a specialized luxury travel agent like Luxo Italia to help curate a bespoke travel itinerary for your next trip.

Whether you’re seeking out a private villa rental, exclusive access to Rome’s many hidden treasures, or a personalized tour of the city’s best food and wine, get in touch with us today to learn more.