Top 5 Places in Italy – Must-Visit Destinations for Tourists

The top 5 places to visit in Italy during your journey

1. ROME: The eternal city

The Colosseum Under the Clear Blue Sky in Rome, Italy.

Think of Rome as the New York City of Italy.  And, just like The Big Apple, one could easily spend an entire month there and still not even make a dent all the places to go and things to do.   Rome is a city that stimulates each one of your senses.  The  taste of Rome’s superlative food is around every corner.  The sounds of chatter rich with Italian accent spill out into the streets.   Seeing great works of art like The Sistine Chapel Ceiling.  The delicate scent of elegant Italian perfume.  The exquisite feel of Italian leather. Rome is a place of endlessly marvelous opportunities for the senses.  It’s pretty hard to top Rome when it comes to famous ancient structures such what remains of The Colosseum. Mostly associated with chariot races and gladiator fights, there’s also epic reenactments of naval battles created by flooding the amphitheater with water and using real ships.  The majestic Pantheon is a spectacular Roman temple that was dedicated to the gods of Rome.  Celebrated for its phenomenal architecture, and best known for its dome, one can only marvel of Pantheon’s  engineering. Don’t leave Rome without a visit to the Trevi Fountain.  This incomparable baroque work of art on the Piazza di Trevi Square is nearly 30 meters high. The Trevi Fountain contain three highly intricate statues.  One is Neptune on a sea-shell chariot pulled to sea by tritons and two winged horses. The other two statues are next to Neptune and represent Abundance and Health.  Don’t not miss out on the gelato!   The gelaterias of Rome create gorgeous displays of gelato that are akin to eye candy.  For the best gelato in Rome go to Fassi Gelateria which has  been in operation since 1880.

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2. FLORENCE: the Renaissance heritage

Panoramic View of Florence, Italy

Florence is considered to be a city of culture and the birthplace of Renaissance Art.   The enchanting Duomo is an opulent masterpiece that is combination of both.  It’s simply one the most exquisite cathedrals you’ll ever see.  In fact, there is no better word to describe the Duomo than “iconic”.  It is famous for its magnificent façade, the terracotta-tiled dome engineered by Brunelleschi,  and a bell tower that was designed by  Giotto.  If you are an art lover then a visit to the Uffizi Gallery is definitely in order.  The Mercato Centrale is a divine place to experience.  It’s not only a cavalcade of cheeses, olive oil, vinegars, meats, and other local goods,  it’s also teaming with delectable Italian foods.  Surrounding the iron and glass market building you’ll find venders selling jewelry, Italian leather goods, clothing and just about anything else you can imagine.

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3. VENICE: the jewel floating on the sea

The Body of Ocean With Boats during Twilight in Venice.

Venice is smaller and more compact than most major Italian cities due to its location. Which means everything you want to do or see is within arm’s reach.  One could easily spend an entire week explore the famous  Piazza San Marco. Located in the heart  of Venice, the piazza is the site of a number of  historic buildings such as St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace, the Museo Correr, the Campanile (the Basilica’s Bell Tower) and the Torre del Orologio.  Cars are forbidden in Venice which is why the there are hundreds of canals that run throughout the city.  But it is the monumental Gran Canal that you’ll want to check out. What makes the Gran Canal so special is its many amazing buildings (nearly 200 of them) that line the Gran Canal and date back to the 13th century.    The Gran Teatro La Fenice  is an extravaganza of opulence.  A  fabulous way to spend an afternoon is at the Rialo Bridge Market where you can browse and enjoy the sights, sounds, and most of all the aroma of fresh Italian food.

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4. CINQUE TERRE: spectacular villages

View of a magnificent coastal town with colorful buildings.

If you want an unforgettably glorious travel experience then Cinque Terre is the place to go.  It is comprised of five fishing villages with jewel-like colors located in the Italian Riviera.  The  villages of  Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore all overlook the Mediterranian Sea.  Given the nature of Cinque Terra’s rugged terrain  it’s difficult to grow the food staples that are necessary to Italian life.  So, for centuries the inhabitants constructed amazing terraces that go all the way up to the cliff tops to grow grapes and olives. Incredible medieval fortresses, some of which you are allowed to explore,  dot the mountainous landscape. Cinque Terre is the also where you can experience the stunning views of the of the coastline.  It’s also the perfect place to sit down with a glass of classic Cinque Terre wine and watch a kaleidoscope of changing hues as the sun sets over the Mediterranean Sea

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5. AMALFI COAST AND CAPRI: Italy as you have always dreamed of

A crystal clear water sea and contrasting boats and buildings galore in Capri.

Located  Campania Region of southern Italy is the scenic beauty of the Amalfi Coast and Capri. One is immediately struck the tapestry of vibrant colors from the atmospheric effects on the land and sea.  If exploring the coastline appeals to you, just grab a seat on a regional bus for easiest way to see all the beautiful views from Positano to Amalfi. The Blue Grotto is one of Capri’s most famous attractions and is known for it’s mesmerizing blue color caused by a big hole in the rock just below the water’s surface.  The towering Faraglioni rocks that dramatically jut up into the sky is something you definitely won’t want to miss!

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These are the top 5 places to visit in Italy, contact us if you wish to plan your next dream trip!