Luxury Tours Of Italy – Planning Your Exquisite Escape

Whether tasting high-end wines in a private Tuscan villa or enjoying an exclusive yacht ride along the sparkling blue waters of the Amalfi Coast, tailor-made experiences define our luxury tours of Italy.

Luxo Italia redefines the art of travel, catering to connoisseurs seeking exclusivity, elegance, and unrivaled services at each stop of their trip. Whisk away through Florentine culture with an expert guide or savor a private dinner overlooking the romantic Venetian canals. Our luxury tours of Italy transcend all you could expect from ordinary travel.

Discover the true meaning of la dolce vita and see what kinds of luxurious Italian travel experiences await. 


Discover Hidden Luxuries of Italy

Dive into our curated collection of Italy's most luxurious, hidden treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, explore what others don't know.

Luxury Hotels and Stays

No matter your preferences, Luxo Italia can help you find the perfect accommodations for every step of your journey. Whether charming boutiques, historic villas, or five-star hotels, we work closely with what many say are the best retreats in all of Italy. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most exceptional offerings in our favorite destinations

Hotel Caesar Agustus and Belmond Hotel Caruso

If you’re looking to spend time soaking in the sun and tasting delectable seafood on the Amalfi Coast, two of our favorite resorts include the Hotel Caesar Augustus and Belmond Hotel Caruso. 

The Hotel Caeser Augustus is the only five-star resort on the island of Capri, offering breathtaking views of the Amalfi Coast and the Bay of Naples, perfect for those seeking seaside ambiance. 

On the other hand, if traditional accommodations are what you’re looking for, you can take a step back in history with the Belmond Hotel Caruso, which is a former 11th-century hotel perched atop a cliff overlooking the magnificent coastline.

J.K Place and Four Seasons


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Capri is known as the “jewel of southern Italy.” It’s best explored at a relaxed place, and there’s no better five-star boutique hotel that provides luxury and attention to detail, quite like JK Place. 

Immerse yourself in the stylish marine decor, unwind in the luxurious spa, or enjoy the cool sea breeze. 

If familiar luxury is in the cards, you’ll be happy to know that we work closely with the Four Seasons throughout Italy, whether you’re staying in Milan, Florence, or Taormina. These hotels offer lush, modern amenities with a touch of old-world luxury, delivering a truly authentic Italian experience. 

St. Regis and Hassler


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Venice and Rome are two of the most fantastic cities you can explore on our luxury tours of Italy, offering an irresistible blend of ancient architecture and luxury amenities, perfect for a family vacation or a romantic honeymoon.

Those traveling to Venice with Luxo Italia have the opportunity to stay at the St. Regis, an emblem of sophistication in the center of the bustling city. With its location beside the Grand Canal, it offers breathtaking views of some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. 

If you decide to make your way to the Eternal City and want to stay in one of the city’s buzziest areas, there’s no better five-star option than Hassler. This legendary luxury hotel sits at the top of the Spanish Steps, offering two high-end restaurants, a full-service spa, and some of the most jaw-dropping rooms we’ve ever seen. 

Mandarin and Belmond Splendido


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The beauty of Lake Como is nothing short of spellbinding. With our wide range of luxury lake experiences, you can enjoy the same experiences that are often exclusive to Hollywood celebrities.

During your stay, you’ll enjoy the gourmet dining and the iconic floating swimming pool at the Mandarin Oriental, all with sweeping views of the lake. 

If you decide to book our Como to Portofino trip, you’ll travel from Como to what many say is the most picturesque village in all of Italy. 

Belmond Splendido captures the beauty and glow of the Ligurian region perfectly, offering elegant accommodations and effortless elegance, overlooking the waters of Portofino. 

Roccoforte Villa Igiea and Four Seasons Taormina


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Heading south into Sicily, we have the beautiful city of Palermo, famous for its morning markets, boutique shops, and bustling city center. Roccoforte Villa Igiea is the city’s fabled 19th-century palazzo, transformed into a seaside sanctuary. If a palatial resort is in the cards, there’s no better place to stay. 

If you’d like to get even closer to the coast and enjoy sea-view accommodations with award-winning dining, look no further than the San Domenico Palace in Taormina. You may even recognize it as the filming location for the second season of White Lotus


Discover Hidden Luxuries of Italy

Dive into our curated collection of Italy's most luxurious, hidden treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, explore what others don't know.

Tailored Itineraries for Personalized Experiences

Our luxury tours of Italy are designed with one thing in mind — personalization. 

We want to learn about all of the things that excite you so that we can craft an itinerary that reflects everything you hope to experience while here in Italy. Let’s take a closer look at what you can expect from our bespoke itineraries and see what it’s like to work with the Luxo Italia team.

Cultural Connoisseurs – Unraveling Italy’s Treasures

If you’re a traveler with a thirst for culture, Italy is one of the greatest travel destinations. Whether you’re looking to visit iconic landmarks or explore low-key shops and restaurants, our guides provide exclusive access to Italian travel experiences otherwise off-limits to regular tourists. 

Imagine a private museum tour of the Uffizi Gallery or a deeper look into some of Rome’s most fascinating historical sites, such as the Colosseum, all without swarms of tourists at your back. 

With our team, you get a more insightful understanding of each place you visit, revealing stories of this nation’s great past that you’ll no doubt remember forever. 

Gastronomy Aficionados – Indulging in Authentic Italian Cuisine


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There aren’t many countries with a strong gastronomic culture, quite like Italy. Many visitors like to explore Michelin-starred establishments in the hearts of major cities like Rome and Milan, while others are attracted to quaint trattorias on the outskirts of Tuscany.

No matter the case, we offer boutique gourmet experiences. 

Our luxury food tour offers many ways to savor fine Italian gourmet cruising on an 8-day tour through various regions. 

Sip on some of the finest Barbaresco and Barolo while tasting hand-made Piemontese dishes In La Ciau del Tornaventor or taste land-to-table dishes with 180-degree views of the Alps at the AlpiNN in South Tyrol.

No matter your preference, our luxury tours of Italy offer an unparalleled savory experience. 

Wine connoisseurs might also enjoy taking a luxury wine tour of Italy, learning about the centuries-long winemaking process, and trying an extensive range of wines, from Barolo to Chianti. Our exclusive wine tours 

If you have a passion for wine that extends beyond casual sipping, our private wine tours can provide an incredibly intimate experience that you won’t find elsewhere. 

Romance Seekers – Write the Next Chapter In Your Love Story


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Looking for a romantic way to celebrate your honeymoon or seeking the perfect place to rekindle your romance?

We provide uniquely intimate experiences for couples here at Luxo Italia. Many of our clients prioritize luxurious spa treatments at luxury resorts, while others seek to dine in some of the most sought-after travel destinations on Earth.

Take a private yacht tour along the exquisite Amalfi Coast while a private chef prepares a beautiful meal, or whisk away on a guided tour through the enchanting streets of Venice. 

Relaxation Seekers – Rejuvenate the Soul


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Many of our clients lead busy lives, and when they plan their luxury tours of Italy with us, they have one thing on their mind — relaxation.

Luxo Italia offers endless ways to unwind in the lap of luxury, helping you find solace in some of the most picturesque settings in Italy. 

Picture yourself staying at a boutique lakeside village and enjoying the gentle serenity of Lake Como or taking part in wellness-focused activities at some of Sicily’s most exclusive resorts.

We want you to feel pampered at every step of your trip, so whether you’re looking to enjoy a soothing massage at a world-class spa or soak in the ancient waters of a thermal bath, we can guide you there. 

Business Executives and VIPs – Offering Luxury and Convenience


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Luxo Italia offers a high level of service and sophistication that aligns with the needs of our business clients. 

For starters, we know how paramount privacy can be, which is why we aim to make sure your luxury tour of Italy remains discreet. When you work with us, you can enjoy secluded accommodations, private transportation along every step of the way, and exclusive access to some of the country’s most extraordinary venues. 

Luxo Italia also seamlessly blends business and leisure, offering personalized concierge services with a team of knowledgeable professionals. Whether you need to secure last-minute reservations at a five-star restaurant for a meeting or plan an exclusive activity with clients at one of the many iconic landmarks, we can help.

Special Event Travelers – Traveling In Style 

For those celebrating special events, such as weddings or anniversaries, our team can help you with detailed itineraries and guidance along your trip. 

From exclusive dining experiences at Michelin-starred restaurants for birthday celebrations to booking wedding ceremonies at some of the dreamiest destinations the country has to offer, we take care of the detailed planning.

Explore some of our tailor-made itineraries and find out more about what makes our luxury tours of Italy so magical

Celebrating Special Occasions In Style


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We’ve helped so many clients celebrate their most cherished special occasions, including birthdays, weddings, honeymoons, and anniversaries. 

If you’re taking your trip as part of a celebration, let us know. We can customize your itinerary based on your special occasion to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Imagine toasting to a milestone birthday in a private Tuscan vineyard or renewing your vows in a centuries-old Italian castle. 

Working with a luxury travel agent can make all the difference, so when you’re ready to plan your celebration in style, get in touch with us here at Luxo Italia

Exclusive Access and VIP Experiences

We take Italian luxury travel to a whole new level by offering exclusive access to some of the most renowned places in the country. Take a private tour of a famous Florentine museum or get VIP treatment at a local festival.

Explore some of the destinations we work in and discover the possibilities that await. 

Gourmet Dining and Culinary Delights


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Italy offers a feast for the senses no matter where you travel, and with Luxo Italia, you can enjoy the authenticity of Italian cuisine, regardless of your style.

We offer access to gourmet meals at Michelin-starred restaurants, exclusive wine tastings at some of the country’s most renowned vineyards, and exquisite cooking classes with renowned private chefs. 

Learn more about the types of unique dining experiences we offer.

Seamless Comfort and Convenience

Italian luxury travel is all about comfort and convenience. Whether you’re traveling from point A to point B or lying your head down on your pillow at the end of a long excursion, we take care of every detail.

Our meticulous itineraries cover all of the travel essentials, including transportation to accommodations.

Think of us as your own personal concierge.

Get a glimpse into what hassle-free luxury travel looks like

FAQs about Luxury Tours of Italy


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Allow us to help you plan the perfect Italian vacation by answering the most common questions we receive. 

What defines our luxury tours in Italy?

Our luxury tours of Italy offer personalization at every corner. From exclusive experiences at five-star restaurants and historical landmarks to unparalleled comfort at some of the country’s top restaurants, our tours are the embodiment of Italy’s finest. 

How secure is booking a luxury tour in Italy?

With years of experience and a golden reputation, you can rest assured as a licensed luxury tour agency, the booking process with Luxo Italia is safe, secure, and transparent. 

Is in-tour support provided on Italian luxury trips?

We offer complete in-tour support throughout your trip. Think of Luxo Italia as your point of contact, providing local guides in various destinations, making reservations at restaurants or for private tours, and answering any questions that may arise while traveling. 

Can we arrange luxury air travel to Italy?

Our luxury tours of Italy start as soon as you arrive at the airport. We can assist you in chartering a flight for your trip to Italy, providing flexible scheduling and a completely personalized flying experience. 

Options for luxury day tours and exclusive stays in Italy?

We offer a plethora of luxury day tours and exclusive stays here in Italy.

Some of our luxury day tours include private guided museum tours, exclusive vineyard tours, and special access to historical sites.

We also provide exclusive stays at some of the most renowned castles-turned-resorts, boutique hotels, and private villas

Conclusion – Experience the Pinnacle of Luxury with Luxo Italia

Luxo Italia offers a way to see Italy through a unique lens. With personalized itineraries and exclusive access to Italy’s greatest treasures, Bel Paese becomes less of a mere destination and more of a transformative experience. 

As you wander through ancient streets, savor the finest cuisines in the world, and soak in the rich, lively culture of our many diverse regions, you’ll know you’re making memories that will last a lifetime. 

Our luxury tours of Italy offer a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in one of Europe’s most breathtaking countries. Don’t wait to begin creating an unforgettable travel experience. Contact Luxo Italia today.