Private Tours of Italy – 9 Exclusive Itineraries to Explore

Imagine exploring Italy’s endless dining options, centuries of history, and diverse landscapes, gaining personal insight with every moment, all without swarms of tourists at your back. With Luxo Italia’s private tours, you can enjoy Bel Paese with exclusive activities, experiences, and excursions. 

Our private tours of Italy work by offering a unique way for travelers to experience the best of Italy in a more intimate fashion. Here at Luxo Italia, we offer personalized itineraries for luxury vacations based on your preferences, so whether you want exclusive access to your favorite museums or adventurous trips throughout the country’s most breathtaking regions, a private tour is an ideal option.

Come with us as we explore how private tours work and what kinds of tailor-made experiences you can expect to find. 


Discover Hidden Luxuries of Italy

Dive into our curated collection of Italy's most luxurious, hidden treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, explore what others don't know.

9 Tailor-Made Tours and Itineraries in Italy

From the Amalfi Coast to Rome, our private tours of Italy offer activities and experiences in some of the most sought-after destinations in the country.

1. Amalfi Coast and Capri: Luxury by the Sea

The Amalfi Coast and Capri are two of the most distinctive destinations in all of Italy, offering breathtaking views of the country’s coastline. 

Picture yourself soaking in the vibrant colors of the chic town of Positano or spending a day exploring the many charming artisanal shops of Capri. Along the sun-kissed cliffs, culinary connoisseurs can enjoy savoring the unique Mediterranean flavors of the region or make their way down to the water’s edge and spend the day lazing on the sandy beaches or boating atop the cool blue waters. 

2. Tuscany and Florence: Italy’s Dream Region

Tourists have chosen to include Tuscany in their private Italian tour

When most people think of quintessential trips to Italy, they picture the rolling hills of Tuscany and quaint villages with terracotta homes and acres of grape vines before them. 

There are endless ways to explore the region, from private city tours of Florence and Siena, where you can enjoy learning about the birthplace of the Renaissance, or take a food and wine tour of Tuscany to savor delectable delights in one of Europe’s culinary hotspots. 

Some of our most popular Tuscan food and wine experiences here at Luxo Italia include our Tuscan Farmhouse Cooking Class and our Brunello Wine Tasting Experience. 

3. Rome: A Journey Through Time

Rome at sunset visited via a private tour in Italy

Rome might be one of the most magnificent places in all of Europe, with a deep, complex history and many ways to enjoy a combination of both charm and luxury. Our private tours of Italy offer a unique way to explore it all.

With your very own private guide, you can take an orchestrated odyssey through the Eternal City, marveling at the timeless masterpieces of the Sistine Chapel and the Roman Forum. For lunch, you can enjoy one of the city’s many charming piazzas before tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain. 

Of course, nothing beats a private tour of the Vatican in the city’s historic center. Explore our Grand Classic tour to learn more.

4. Venice: The Iconic Floating City

The beautiful view of Venice in the early morning

Venice is Italy’s famous floating city, built on and around a series of magical canals that you truly have to see in real life to appreciate. From its rich history to its stunning architecture, it’s renowned for its romantic ambiance, making it one of the most popular travel destinations for couples and honeymooners

With a private tour of Venice, you’ll indulge in experiences like a private water taxi to the Hotel St. Regis Avant-Garde, an enchanting gondola tour through centuries of history, and perfectly personalized tours of the city’s finest landmarks. 

5. Lake Como: Step Into Natural Beauty

Tourists are resting in a luxury lakeside villa in Lake Como, during their private tour in Italy

At the intersection of Italian elegance and natural splendor lies Lake Como, which provides a unique contrast to the sun-kissed beaches of Southern Italy. With its striking villas, luxury spas, and dreamy landscapes, it’s one of Italy’s most enchanting destinations

Our Lake Como itineraries are some of our most popular private tours of Italy, from exclusive Riva Boat tours with local experts to exquisite stays at luxury hotels like The Mandarin Oriental, which offers legendary hospitality and panoramic views of the water. 

6. Sicily: A Journey Through History

The beautiful square of Palermo visited during a private tour in Italy

Sicily is home to some of the world’s best-preserved Roman and Greek art and architecture, though even beyond its centuries of heritage, there are endless ways to get a real taste of what the region has to offer with a private tour. 

You can start by soaking in the city’s many amenities, from the Capo market, where you can feast on delicious street food, to Monreale, where you can get up close to a 12th-century cathedral.

Our luxury tours of Sicily also offer the chance to sample the sweet, savory flavors of delicious cold cuts, pastries, and more in Noto and Siracusa.

7. Milan: A City of Style

The beautiful Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, headquarters of European fashion

Art, culture, and fashion thrive in Milan, and whether you’re looking for a private shopper to guide you through the city’s many cutting-edge design houses and fashion boutiques or a guide to give you an in-depth look at the history of the many world-class museums and grand cathedrals, you can get the taste of la dolce vita with a private tour of Milan.

One of our finest Milan experiences is our Green Experience, which starts you out in the heart of the city’s Brera district, where you’ll get to explore the sophistication of the 19th-century Milanese Palazzo and make your way through the city’s most prestigious shopping center — Quadrilatero della Moda — with a guide at your side.

8. Umbria: Immerse Yourself in Ancient Art and History

Luxo Italia clients are visiting the beautiful region of Umbria thanks to a private tour in Italy

Umbria is a fascinating Italian travel destination, especially for art and history buffs. Not only is it home to some of the most well-preserved medieval towns in the entirety of Italy, but you’ll also find fewer tourists compared to other major Italian travel destinations. As a result, it’s a wonderful way to have a more authentic Italian experience. 

Our Umbria Yoga Retreat offers a breath of fresh air for those who want to reinvigorate themselves against the oak forest and olive grove backdrops.

9. Lombardy: The Road Less Traveled

A spectacular view of the Alps in Lombardy

Lombardy is a relatively little-known travel destination, with everything from charming hilltop towns to gorgeous lakes and mountains. You can find activities here year-round, and whether you want to enjoy a scenic ride in the snowy Alps on the Bernina red train or make your way through the city’s nine UNESCO World Heritage sites, there are many ways to make the most of your trip. 

With our Luxury Wine Tour, you’ll have an expert guide lead you through tasting from two of the region’s finest wineries while tasting exceptional cuisine along the way. Explore our many luxury travel destinations and discover which experiences are right for you with our in-depth Trip Planner

Exclusive Access and Unique Experiences

With Luxo Italia’s private tours of Italy, you get to enjoy exclusive access to sites and experiences typically closed off to the public. Let’s take a look at what you can expect from some of our most luxurious Italian travel experiences. 

Wine Tours

There’s no better way to savor and learn about some of the finest wines in Italy than with a luxury wine tour of Italy. With thousands of years of winemaking culture, an array of unique wine regions, and a number of extraordinary private wine tours, you can have a personalized experience that you’ll remember forever. 

Our luxury wine tours offer guided wine tastings paired with high-end meals and private vineyard tours of some of the most renowned vineyards in the country, many of which are not open to the public. 


Discover Hidden Luxuries of Italy

Dive into our curated collection of Italy's most luxurious, hidden treasures. Tailored for discerning tastes, explore what others don't know.

Food Tours

From Rome to Florence to Naples and beyond, every Italian region has its own special flavors, and what better way to take a journey through the country’s best cuisine than with a luxury food tour?

Our 8-day Luxury Gourmet Tour in Italy offers an unforgettable journey through the northernmost region. Here, you can taste signature classic dishes and sip wine from some of the region’s most iconic vineyards. 

You’ll have the chance to learn from some of Italy’s top chefs and sommeliers and gain better insight into the country’s rich food history. 

Boat Tours

Venice, otherwise known as the “City of Canals,” is one of the most romantic destinations in all of Italy, perfect for a private boat tour. As you move your way through the city’s seemingly endless canals, you’ll learn about famous landmarks and hidden gems, all at your pace in an intimate manner. 

Our 1-2-hour private boat tours offer stunning views and a unique perspective of Venice that not many get to experience. 

Take a look at our luxury travel destinations and see which experiences fit your ideal trip itinerary with our Trip Planner

Expert Guides at Your Service


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Our expert guides can provide you with a unique and intimate way to explore the endless cultural and historical aspects of Italy. With years of experience, they bring ancient stories to life, taking you off the beaten path for a travel experience you won’t soon forget.

Our past clients have called our expert guide services an “incredible, one-in-a-lifetime Italian travel experience.”

If you’re interested in securing a dedicated guide, get in contact with us today. 

The Privacy Advantage

Private tours of Italy are ideal for intimate family vacations and romantic retreats. You’ll get to explore renowned sites while steering clear of bustling crowds. Imagine a romantic stroll with your loved one through the streets of Florence or enjoying a luxury lunch on a yacht with views of the Amalfi Coast. 

Flexibility and Comfort

You receive the benefits of flexibility and comfort with our private tours of Italy. With high-end Italian tours tailored to your schedule and preferences, you can enjoy a stress-free journey through some of Italy’s finest destinations. 

We provide seamless transportation and comfortable lodging at every stop, all with the freedom to customize how you want to experience the country. 

Crafting Your Ideal Italian Journey

We want to guide you through the process of crafting your ideal Italian vacation. Start by customizing your tour based on your interests, whether you want to prioritize private museum tours or deluxe wine tastings. 

With Luxo Italia, you can put together a bespoke itinerary that resonates with your preferences. Explore our Trip Planner to start creating your ideal Italian vacation. 

FAQs about Private Tours of Italy


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We’ve assembled answers to some of our most frequently asked questions, so you can decide whether a private tour of Italy with Luxo Italia is right for you.

What Types of Exclusive Tours Do We Offer In Italy?

Luxo Italia offers a wide range of custom Italy tours. Some of our best luxury Italy tour packages include luxury wine tours, food tours, boat tours, city walking tours, and more. 

How Do You Begin Planning Your Private Tour in Italy?

To begin planning your private tours of Italy, you can start by choosing the things you’re most interested in, whether art, cuisine, history, or wine, and then determine the regions you want to explore most. Our experienced guides will help you find the best experiences and accommodations along the way.

Are Exclusive Private Yacht Rentals Available In Italy?

Absolutely! Some of the most popular private yacht rentals in Italy are along the gorgeous Amalfi Coast.

How Are Luxurious Accommodations Selected for Italian Private Tours?

To find ideal accommodations for your Italian private tour, we meticulously tailor stays to your preferences, whether your idea of a great stay includes a Tuscan vineyard estate or a Florentine historic palace. 

Is Your Investment Secure When Booking Private Italian Tours with Luxo Italia?

When you book the best private tours of Italy with Luxo Italia, you can rest assured you’re making a secure investment in tailor-made trips backed by our longstanding commitment to excellence. 

What In-Destination Support Do We Provide During Private Tours in Italy?

Our in-destination support offers all the assistance you need to enjoy a bespoke adventure without any worry. From last-minute itinerary adjustments to easy transportation, we provide all the support you might need. 

Can We Assist with Airfare Bookings for Your Italian Private Tour?

Luxo Italia offers comprehensive travel assistance, including support for airfare bookings, so you can enjoy a hassle-free experience from the moment you decide to book your vacation. 

Planning Short Private Tours In Italy: Day Tours, Overnight Stays, and Cruise Excursions

From short, private guided tours of Italy to overnight stays and cruise excursions, we focus on exploring the hidden treasures of the country’s famed regions while offering more in-depth experiences for those who want to take a deeper dive.

How Do We Enhance Your Existing Italy Trip Plans with Our Private Tour Services?

Our private tour services offer bespoke experiences and personalized itineraries in Italy with exclusive access to some of the country’s best cultural and gastronomic gems. With Luxo Italia, you can put the finishing touches on your dream vacation. 

Organizing Special Events in Italy: Do We Offer Services for Weddings and Private Parties?

We specialize in organizing weddings and private parties in Italy, so if you’re looking to exchange vows among some of the country’s most celebrated backdrops or host a one-of-a-kind party in a luxury setting, we can help. 


Luxo Italia’s private tours offer unforgettable journeys through Italy and the possibility to explore the country’s ancient wonders, culinary delights, and exciting activities, all through an exclusive lens.

From experiences to accommodations and everything in-between, we’re here to turn your dream trip into a reality, based on your preferences. 

Contact us today and start creating a bespoke adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your life.