A Day in Venice – Make Every Single Moment Count

A Day in Venice

A reflection of the rich, embroidered artwork of the luxurious, Venice presents a downplayed equilibrium of objective and way of life, circumspectly worked with by the individual’s perspective of life. Say hello to extravaganza and limitless elegance as you read into the nitty gritty of where and how you must live while spending a day […]

Most Romantic Places in Italy – Top 5 Spots for Love in 2020

Most Romantic Places in Italy

There’s no denying that Italy ranks among the most beautiful and romantic countries to visit in the world. It is therefore no surprise that starry-eyed couples and honeymooners have made their way to the land of love for hundreds of years. The question is, where are the most romantic places to visit during your time […]

Exclusive Italian Experiences – Top 6 Picks for 2023

Italy is hot on the list of places to travel in 2020. With streets steeped in history and cultural epicentres like Rome and Milan, it seems an obvious choice. Though for those with true wanderlust, travel is about more than just a tour of the major sites. At Luxo Italia, we invite you to experience […]

Beautiful Places in Italy – Your 2023 Travel Inspiration Guide

Travel is such a personal thing that what looks like paradise to one, may not spark the soul of another. The beauty of having two locals designing your tailor-made itinerary is the opportunity to see some lesser-known spots in Italy and experience the crème de la crème of its historical streets. A lack of inspiration is […]

Top 10 Venice Sights – Explore the Unseen Corners of Romance

Venice Sights

Venice, or Venezia to the locals, is a place of immense beauty, rich cultural history, and labyrinthine waterways. Venice consists of 117 small islands connected by beautiful bridges and canals scattered with gondolas. As the city features on most travelers’ bucket-lists, allow us to guide you through some of the best things to do in […]