There’s No Time Like the Present – Plan Your Italian Trip

There's No Time Like the Present

Luxo Italia is a luxury travel agency specializing in planning and creating luxury holidays in Italy for a foreign clientele who wish to combine attention to detail and high-level comfort with a vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The generalized boom in bookings by foreign customers for Summer 2023, which […]

Top 5 Places in Italy – Must-Visit Destinations for Tourists

The top 5 places to visit in Italy during your journey 1. ROME: The eternal city Think of Rome as the New York City of Italy.  And, just like The Big Apple, one could easily spend an entire month there and still not even make a dent all the places to go and things to […]

Portofino Luxury Holiday – Glamour on the Italian Riviera

Portofino Luxury Holiday

Joining the snazzy roads of Milan with the marvelousness of Portofino, with a luxury holiday On the Italian Riviera permit us to whisk you away on a modern end of the week break to the Italian Riviera, Gourmet cooking, supercars and sumptuous inns will be readily available constantly as you embrace outdated sentiment and a […]

Luxury Gourmet Tour in Italy – An Unmatched Culinary Journey

There’s no better way to immerse oneself in the epitome of luxurious travel and unparalleled fine Italian gourmet cuisine than an 8-day Luxury Gourmet Tour in Italy.  It’s an unforgettable journey that begins in northern Italy’s famed vineyards and signature classic dishes, then culminates in southern Italy’s prestigious Palazzo Alvino. This gastronomic odyssey will take […]

A Day in Venice – Make Every Single Moment Count

A Day in Venice

A reflection of the rich, embroidered artwork of the luxurious, Venice presents a downplayed equilibrium of objective and way of life, circumspectly worked with by the individual’s perspective of life. Say hello to extravaganza and limitless elegance as you read into the nitty gritty of where and how you must live while spending a day […]

One Day at Como Lake – A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

Lake Como has always been a magnet for the elite – Janine Di Giovanni With a greatest profundity of around 410 meters (448 yards), Lake Como is perhaps the most profound lake in Europe. Its trademark shape, suggestive of an upside down Y, results from the melting of ice sheets joined with the erosive activity […]

Luxury Hotels in Italy – Our Top Ten Unmissable Stays

Luxury Hotels in Italy

Italy is teaming with accommodation options and the last thing you want is to pick the wrong one. We’ve travelled across the country to sample the best of the best and have compiled a list of what we believe to be the top ten luxury hotels in Italy. Whether you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-track gem […]